In search of.......................

Remember the show, In  Search Of ........ with Leonard Nimoy??  A show about mysteries ... the unknown... the just plain weird.

I am looking for someone that is in search of a job at Miss Eff's. (That's where the just plain weird comes in!)

I am in search .......... an intern.  Or three.  Three would be perfect.

OK .... so here is what I am looking for.  All the basics are the same... each person would work 3 days a week ... 6 hours a day. 9 am to 3 pm.  No nights.  No weekends.  No pay.  But what a great educational opportunity for someone!  College credit is often available!

1)Someone with culinary interests........ Schedule would be Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.  Responsibilities would be assisting and prepping for classes, learning the art of canning and jam making and some baking for events.  And yes, you will be weeding one day a week.

2) Someone with an interest in agriculture.  Schedule would be Wednesday - Friday.  You would be harvesting flowers, herbs and veggies.  Dead-heading, pruning and care of the gardens are your main focus.  You may be laying out new gardens, depending on availibility in the spring.  And yes, you too will be weeding one day a week.  You will have the best tan!!!!

3) Foo-foo personnel....Your job is to make the place look pretty!  Schedule would be Wednesday through Friday also.  Your focus would be signage, creative use materials, creating special areas for our friends and customers. Art background is an asset.  You may be doing some of the marketing. (I really like the marketing part!) Yes ... some duties will be mundane ... painting small buildings and building maintenance.  And yes, you too, will weed one day a week.

You will receive gas money ... and eggs, flowers and veggies from the farm. 

So now that I have made this sound oh-so appealing ..........................????

Anyone want to put their names in?????


Me me me! Oh wait...I think I passed "intern" age about 15 years ago. ;-) But you know your go-to girl for signage, right? ;-)
Miss Effie said…
Yea!!! The super cool big signs are definitely yours!

It the little ... signs ... price signs ... etc.

And I would take you as an intern in a heartbeat!!!!
Ginny said…
I want to work with you, but I live in PA, commute might be a bit of a hassle. LOL Hope you get plenty of inquires!! Oh wait, I don't like to weed, HA Ha
Margaret said…
If I lived closer, I would in a heartbeat! Sounds like the hardworking life that pays you back in confidence, knowledge, and the gifts you reap. <3
Sonya said…
Ohh, this sounds so good! I've heard of you and all your incredible projects through Heather Muir and would love to chat about the possibility of me being your flower dead header/garden layout gal.

I'm going to have to chat with the husband about swinging a non-paid (but with great benefits) internship.
Miss Effie said…
Sonya ... I'm on Facebook. Message me and we will talk.
Anna said…
Have you connected with Augustana? I'm sure that would be a great place to look for interns, just ask Wesley Acres.

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