Like all things evil ..... it started innocently enough.

It entered my mind in a dream.  And at 2 am in the morning, I wake up Honey and say .... I'm going to hang tea cups from the crab apple tree.

First .... I would just hang 10 or 12 cups.  But soon .... the evil power of tea grabbed me.  And I found myself scrounging through antique malls, thrift stores and yard sales ... searching for tea cups.

Soon ... like the true addict I am .......... I lusted for tea parties.  I craved the lace ... the china .... the scones.

Not long......along with the heat of summer ........the high of the tea party was gone.  I needed more and more and more.
So it was time for a tea set to keep me from getting the shakes ............

Then it was the total obsession with the tea cozies.

Oh .... you don't really think this is it????

And, of course........... I can not sell every one of them.  This one is mine.  Mine!  Mine!  All mine!

I'm a two-year old with a tea cozy!!!

And now .............. there is this.

It's going to be trouble .....................................


Barb said…
What timing! I just ordered a book on hosting tea parties with suggestions for table setting and recipes and such. Uuuhhhmmm,when am I going to have time for this with my massage business, gardening, shearing soon and I haven't washed the fleeces from last year's shearing! Then there is the knitting, weaving, spinning, cooking, baking, soap making, butter making, yogurt making, I want a milk goat, mucking out llama and sheep pens and the hen house. (You can jump in and stop me at any time!!) AND, you've gotten me all excited about cheese making (you enabler!). I'm taking a drum making class and a class on Knitting to Fit and Flatter and one from Clara Parkes about sheep breeds.....ok, now that I have typed all this I need a bit of a lie down. See ya.
armalu said…
Que ideia linda, já a pensar nos amigos para o natal.
Bom fim de semana, com tudo de bom
Carol said…
I wouldn't worry about the addiction - other than driving yourself crazy. You make me smile when I read your ravings! Made me think about the last time I had a tea pot - lost it in one of my moves. I had made cloth tea cozies back then of quilted fabric. Nice memories - thanks for the trip down memory lane!
When my girls were little we used to have tea parties with real tablecloths and my favorite apple green depression glass dessert set. Sadly the desert set had to go on ebay back in the darkest days of our troubles, the girls hit teenage and lost interest in civilized things like teas and scones. School, work and farming keep my too occupied for relaxing tea parties. But I believe that day will come again. Kudos on all your lovely tea cozies and I can't wait to see the lamps you'll make. Thanks again for your blog. I always enjoy reading what you have to say.

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