Not today's post..........

This wasn't the plan for today.

I wasn't going to talk about this.  But I must ..... the fingers don't want to type anything else.

Today I was going through some of my favorite blogs .... and one of my go-to-make-me-happy blogs is Inspired by Charm.

Micheal is that shiny person in life that can distract you from "the mission".  He is funny and creative and I always go ......... ahhhhhh ...... after reading his posts.  He makes me smile.

And Micheal had a couple of great lines in his blog.  The first was ............

You can do anything.  You just can't do everything.  

And one of my all time favorites ..........  

I'm not telling you its going to be easy, I'm telling you its going to be worth it.

Now ... its confession time.

I am overwhelmed.  Yep.  So. very. overwhelmed.

Between now ... and the end of April, I have a total of 15 classes and presentations to do.  I have a directory to get out and organized and to the printer for Buy Fresh-Buy Local . That means constant email reminders and phone calls to members to "Get your paperwork in!"

There are a couple of  interviews to do ... an article to write.  I need to find interns and organize the Miss Effie's Social Club and Civic League!

And starting April 18 .... 8000 annuals will be hitting my doorstep.  That doesn't count 25+ chicks that will be arriving, a Summer Kitchen that needs insulation, walls, paint and inventory.  And anything else that decides to raise its ugly head!!!

Last week .... I was hanging on by a string.

I have had a few annoying health issues.  Welcome to that half-century mark!!  Everything is fine ... but those annoying issues need to be checked out.... over and over and over again! One test today .. another next week .... doctor's appointment to evaluate the situation and a doctor's appointment to evaluate the tests!

Seriously ... I want a Walmart of health care!!!  Get the oil changed, a lube job, a tune-up ....... while I am doing my grocery shopping and picking up the dry cleaning.  (OMG!  I said Walmart and dry cleaning all in the same sentence and I haven't done either in DECADES!!!)

Last week ... I had a tough day.  Lots of emails ... lots of things on the to-do list .... and a medical test that was neither fun nor comfortable.  So by the end of the day ....... I felt like the poop in the coop that needs to be scooped!  

And I did not want to be social.  I didn't want to discuss the weather.  I didn't want to smile.  I just wanted to be alone with my list.

Then I was asked ....... Are you trying to do too much??  Are you biting off more than you can chew?

My first response was ......... Well, duh!!!!! 

My second response was ............ How do I know???

I discovered that I need to push myself to be happy.  Squeak out another loaf of home-made bread.  Can another canner full of tomatoes. Knit all of our socks.  Spin the yarn I knit.  Teach another class.  Attend another benefit.  Hug my Honey again. So ....... how do I know that I am trying to do too much????

I know I can't do it all. 

I know its definitely not easy. 

Things fall through the cracks.  I forget to file something.  I run out of milk or stamps.  Honey is down to his last clean and ironed shirt. And right this very moment ... I would kill for a maid to come to my house!!!!

But I also know .................. it is sooooo worth it!!!!


Kelly Bartels said…
I just started following your blog, (say you on Corinne's list) and I love it. I must say I have had some similar revelations this month......doing too much, trying to be everything to everyone, but like you, I think it's worth it.
Thank you for posting thoughts that mirror my own.
Ginny said…
Chin up Miss Eff, if anyone can get thru it and over the hill (I think this was a pun, sorry) you can, just take deep breaths and keep on posting, just gave you something else to do!! Posting will help sort it all out, or at least make you think you are sorting it out.
Michelle said…
Thank-you for your honesty, and for Micheal's quotes. They are very much the messages my mother raised me with, except that "You just can't do everything" part. Or maybe that's my own issue, not my mother's lack of trying. And yes, I'm blog-surfing to distract myself....
Thanks for today's post. I read your blog religiously and I'm constantly amazed at how much you get done. I know I'm doing too much because I missed today's deadline for two different assignments. I have a test to take online before midnight and I'm rebelling with every fiber of my being. Maybe full time work, full time school, single parenting, keeping livestock and growing food for a CSA was a bit too much. But I can't figure out which thing to stop doing.
Anonymous said…
I feel your pain - right now I'm waiting on pretty much everything for the church newsletter. It's only 3 days past deadline. 1 thing at a time, grasshopper.
Darcy said…
It will be okay, promise. We just need to say NO just once in awhile. I can't do it either, so I am certainly not preaching. I have so much on my plate that you wouldn't think another thing would fit, but still, I stack it up like an extra lump of sweet tators on Thanksgiving til I think I just might explode! But, I haven't yet, and seriously, if we didn't do all the wonderful things we do, what in the heck would we fill the time with? Cleaning our houses? Thinking not! I even read a book last week, I haven't made the time to do that in years. Still Alice was recommended to help me deal with my situation with my mom. I couldn't put it down and completely let the soapy stuff slide. Felt guilty. What is that? It was important that I read that book. Just as important that everyone gets their soap. Lol, when mom first came to stay with me I had a really hard time taking care of her and trying to figure out how to make product. Some of my loyal customers, and I love them all, actually complained to me even when they heard why I was falling behind. It puts things in perspective. I do what I can do each day and I push harder than I should to get more done, it's impossible when self-employeed in your own home to leave work and your worries behind. But there is no make up, hair dos, or even clothes required. Sheesh, I am STILL in my jammies, which is handy cuz it's after midnight and I still have a couple hours of work before I feel satisfied with myself. Just say NO, yep, right!
Love you girl.

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