Sew what is new................

I did get the curtains done for the master bedroom last month.  Unfortunately, the room is in a total state of disrepair as we have not been able to paint! 

Ahhh........ the joys of no heat upstairs!  It has been unusually cold for a very long time here in Iowa.  And to paint successfully, it really needs to be in the 50's in a room.  I only need a couple of days with an outside temperature in the high 30's -- low 40's.

Not so much! 

I'm lovin' the trim!

Even with a heater going at my feet .... it is currently 40 degrees in my office. 

And running electric heaters with paint fumes??  That is a recipe for disaster! 

Currently, I am not terribly happy with the paint color.  It is coming across a little too lemon-y..  Now -- I tested it on the wall.  I hung drapery samples up next to it.  We custom-matched it.  I debated.  I looked.  I tried every light known to man.  I was pleased.

And now I am not.

The trim has not been painted.  I'm really hoping that will help. Right now -- its a latte color.  I think it is actually Oakland Buff.......... it will be a creamy white.

The duvet cover has been a challenge for me.  I don't want to make a simple sack for the down comforter.  I want something with some dressmaker details.  I'm still struggling with that.  Then ........... I discovered that Hancock does a 15% off senior citizen discount on the first Wednesday of the month.  And the senior age ... 55!!

15% off ....... EVERYTHING!  Including sale prices.

Yea, baby!  Makes losing my mind, menopause and mammograms .... much more desirable.  Heck -- it beats 10 cent McDonald coffee!!!!

Unfortunately, the last "first Wednesday of the month" was during the blizzard of the century.   I must wait till March because I am mega-cheap.

So on to super cool Summer Kitchen news.  The Illinois AgriNews  is interviewing us for a story about the Summer Kitchen and the super awesome farm women that are selling their goods here.

Farm Genevieve yarn
I would love to have them wait until ......... say the walls are up!!!  Windows are in!!!

But ya take stuff like this when you can get it................

Like Cassie's yarn ................ yum!!!!!!!

Yea ... the Summer Kitchen will be open Friday from 9 to 3.  There are a few eggs.  Lots of pretty yarn  Some super cute sun catchers. Even some pastel colored scarves to brighten your wardrobe.  And Julie and I will be trying to make the Summer Kitchen bright, pretty and spring-like. 

Blizzard --2011

Cuz a week ago .... my world looked like this.

It might be a bit of a struggle!


Theresa said…
Good yellows are hard to find, I know I have plenty of yellow in my house and it has always been a challenge to get it right. Some tips that have helped me, go a bit towards a warmer yellow, one with just a titch towards the orange on the color wheel and go lighter. Yellow reflects onto itself like no ones business and will make you feel like you're living on the inside of a Meyer lemon if you go too dark. Take the shade you like and go down one, or even two steps depending on how dark your are working with. If you watn softer, look at some of the creams. Pittsburgh Paints? makes one called Andover cream, and it is a lovely soft parchment yellow color. Very nice. Good luck with your painting, the drapes look great. Hope you warm up soon!
Well done on the drapes. They look beautiful. I'm so proud to hear of your success with your Summer Kitchen. I feel like I'm sitting on the sidelines watching you grow and blossom as a businesswoman. Best of luck with all your endeavors. Oh, and my week looks just like your last week.
Sharon Wren said…
The Weather Channel says temps in the 40s next week! (if you believe them, that is) Having the Summer Kitchen open sounds nice...anything that has "summer" in it makes my day these days.
Michelle said…
Woman, you are one hardy soul! If it was 40 degrees in my house, I would crawl under the covers and STAY there (with the electric blanket on high).

I don't usually like yellows, but I have a lovely shade in some rooms in my house, very soft and subtle, that I love. Don't know if I could find the brand and name, though....
The new curtains are just beautiful. And so Miss Eff. You'll be swingin' those summer kitchen doors wide open before you know it!

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