Baa! Baa! Black Sheep.........

I am going to get somewhat personal. ( like I usually don't!?!)

But .... putting things in terms that I understand .... if you were to ask my family about the fleece of my life .......... they would tell you that there is a lot of black yarn!

I've learned to accept everything and moved on.  I'm certain that my therapist's daughters got to go to a fine university!!!!  And I do I have to say ... my therapist is no longer on speed dial!  That's what we call progress.

So ... I find ways of making my own memories.

I adored my Dad.  He was smart and funny and inspiring.  I'm not sure if he would understand the flower thing ... my grandmother sure would! ... but he would be proud of the classes and the speeches. 

Dad was a large animal vet.

I loved going on calls with him. The mud .. the smells... the animals.  I loved it.

I put together memories of my Dad as I find them.  One of Dad's college professors was a guy named Sleeter Bull.  Sleeter Bull must have been quite the character.  He wore an Aussie style hat and carried a cane.  And Dad would have three kids rolling in laughter,  imitating him.

A year or so ago ... browsing through a flea market ....... I found this.

Sleeter Bull is actually known for re-writing a mid-19th century classic ... Feeds and Feeding by Morrison and Bull
I had to have it.  Of course, buying a 1917 book on modern livestock feeding practices usually raises an eyebrow or two!  But every time I see it ... I think of Dad imitating Bull's raspy voice.... telling his students that they would buy a new book or they would flunk his class!!
And today .... I got a new memory.  My dear friend Jen made this.......................

Yea ........................ I cried.

Thank you so much, dear friend....  My Dad would have liked you.


Michelle said…
That last photo and the words following? Made me cry too....
Kelly Bartels said… I'm crying. Wonderful post.
Same person that made Corinne's?
Miss Effie said…
Yep............. She's so good ... I need to link up to her etsy store. I'll make sure to do that.
Ginny said…
I'm all teary, thanks Miss Eff
Someone pass the I'm crying too....again. I cried on the way home too Cath. It meant so much to me that I could bring you a special memory of your dad. ♥
Anonymous said…
That is such a cool story - and the book story is too!
A great story! And I LOVE that awesome sign!
What a treasured memory of your Dad Miss Eff and of the wonderful childhood memories that inspired your love for country living. The little book,a touching gift and reminder. I think there is going to be a critter dubbed Sleeter sometime soon. Am I right?

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