Today is a very special day at the Lafrenz household.

Fifteen years ago today .... Honey and I had our very first date.

Now ... we didn't go on that date willingly.  Neither one of us.  But we had a guardian angel prodding both of us! 


Now Jill and I worked together as cashiers at a lumberyard.  She (for some silly reason!) thought I would be perfect for her Dad.  When I announced that all men were toads ... she said... Go out with my Dad.  He's not a toad.

At that point ... she must have nagged, harassed and badgered her poor father into asking me out!  She drug him into the lumberyard. And promptly told everyone in the store that he was asking me out ..... so the poor nervous, trembling guy had a built-in audience. 

I couldn't say no ..... I didn't have the nerve!!!!

But I quickly got a case of the this-is-not-a-good-idea panic attack.  Nope.  I am not going on a blind date! You can't make me!  I am not going!

I called my friend Mona .... who calmly told me to go on the date.  After all, I was really poor.  This is my favorite restaurant.  It was a free meal.  With left overs.  And she wasn't going to feed me!

So I went ... nervous, scared and .......... well, nervous and scared!!!!

Honey and I slowly got into a conversation.  I talked.  And I talked.  I talk a lot when I am nervous!!!  We ate.  We talked.  We laughed.

And we were totally unaware that our matchmaker was cruising the parking lot ....... watching how the date was going!!!

Yep .... it worked out just fine!!!!


So sweet....and I just love this photo of the two of you! :-)
Kelly Bartels said…
What a great love story!! And look how happy you still are.
Michelle said…
Love the story, love the photo - and love the LOVE (it's obvious :-) !
Ginny said…
Beautiful couple. Cute story.
honey said…
How do i love thee, let me count the ways. Osso bucco, chicken florentine, chevre, pecorino, burnt roast (oh wait, that was only once). It's been a really good 15 years.
Christine said…
What a fabulous story! I love it.

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