This is a honey of a post.  And I'm not talkin' my Honey.  (Even though ... for the record.... he LOVES his new job!)

I have been as busy as a bee.  Last night ... the ever energetic Miss Eff talked about planting a vegetable garden with preserving your own food in mind.  Now first of all .... it can be tough to be the ever energetic Miss Eff!!!  But if that's what you get billed as .... ya go with it!!!

This is the third year I have done a presentation for the Rock Island County Master Gardener horticultural series.  I love this group!!  I have a lot of fun.... Lou started me crying with a simple line..... the group is interested and interesting.  And I love doing it.

And Julie .... just sign me up for next year.  Lou convinced me!!!

Saturday is the Homesteading Conference at Illinois Valley Community College.  Deborah from Antiquity Oaks and I will be trying to convince you ... and ourselves .... that our way of life is not totally beyond reach of anyone. 

So I have finally ...... yes, finally ..... wrapped up all the handouts for the 6 hours of classroom presentations that we are each doing.  Saying yes in November sounds so very easy!!!  I know this will be fun!  I know I will have a fantastic time doing this ..... but after 6 hours ... the ever energetic Miss Eff may not be!!! 

And in other awesome news................... really awesome news.... over-the-top awesome news....... the fabulous multi-talented urban beekeeper , Zan Asha is coming to the QCA!  (I told ya it was awesome!)

Zan is featured in the new film, Queen of the Sun about colony collapse of bees throughout the world.  Zan is bringing her urban bee knowledge ... she beekeeps in Da Bronx! ...... to VanderVeer Park in the conservatory on May 2.  From 6:30 to 8:30, Zan will be sharing her natural approach to bee keeping that she learned from her mother and grandfather.

The class is only $50 ..... I promise a honey of a snack.  And I know you will love the energy, knowledge and laughs that only Zan can share.

We will be using the observation hive at VanderVeer that was built by my friend and another awesome beekeeper, Phil Crandall.

The class is limited to 20 students.  To sign up ... just send me an email by going here and hitting "To talk to us".  Send me an email and I can get you signed up.

Seriously ..... Zan was in a movie with Micheal Pollan.  Rock star of healthy eating!  He replaced Robert Redford on the list!  Living healthy .... yea, its sexy!

Yea .... you need to be in the buzz!!!


Anonymous said…
I don't suppose you'd consider making a book out of your handouts. I wanted to go to the Homesteading seminar but I have a wedding to go to the same day. The bride might hurt me if I don't go. :-)

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