A Diet Rich in Fiber

Yarns from Girl with a Sword Productions

 You knew this wasn't going to be about oatmeal, didn't you?

On Saturday ... me with a very empty car headed to Winterset, Iowa for Heartland Fiberpalooza! 

I needed a break .... I sooooooo needed a break! I needed peace and quiet and no telephones.  No emails, reminding me what I need to be doing.  No weedy gardens.  No dirty chicken coops.  No knitting needles calling my name.  I needed a break.

And I needed to see friends that "get that"!

I needed to meet Claire before she leaves on her big adventure into wine making.  Claire is the creator of THE "chicken hat".  I missed seeing the new nest that goes with it.  Maybe a photo will follow. That a hint, Jill.

I needed to see fiber packaged like sticks of cotton candy.

I wanted to see the flowers of spring ... only Saturday they were packaged as sock yarn.

My finger tips craved for the touch of incredibly soft yarn.

Willow Avenue Pottery

I wanted to feel the heartbeat that lives only in locally thrown pottery.

Miss Effie, Jill from Blue Gate Farm, Becky from Willow Avenue Pottery, and Maggie from Girl with a Sword Productions.

 I wanted to learn and be inspired by fabulous women.

And I was!!! I'll show you what I bought tomorrow!


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