Getting your knit on!

OK -- this is yarn that is to die for!!  Fabulous colors!  Great yardage!  Lots of wonderful colors.

All spun from the talented fingers of Cassie Moon!  Yea ... they raise hand-spun yarn!  I like that in a person.

(Warning ... the yarn you about to see is drool-worthy.  Please move important papers away from your desk!)

Love the tweed. 

Cassie calls it "Blow fish".... we would call it "Oske-wa-wa!"

The periwinkle, creamy yellow and brown combination is lovely!

This reminds me of the zinnias in late summer.  The colors are bright and fun!

I think this would be wonderful knit up as a "potato chip" scarf!

 Remember ... these are one of a kind yarns.  They are large skeins... carefully washed, carded, dyed, spun and skeined by Cassie. And these skeins are only available at the Summer Kitchen.... which will be open on Friday from 9 to 4 for your shopping convenience!!!! (Its beginning to sound like a big-girl store!)

Drop me a note if you are interested and I will gladly hold one for you.  They will go fast!

I'd hate for you to regret the yarn that got away!!!!


Anonymous said…
You know, Blowfish would be perfect for someone who's an Illini fan, for a hat or something. Don't look at me, I bleed black & gold!
Roberta Palm said…
My husband and I enjoyed your workshop on cheese making and felt you did a wonderful job! We both agree with the gal in the class, you need your own tv show! You have a great personality and LOVE what you do which makes your workshop feel just like cooking at home with family!
I don't have a facebook but next time you are at Augie we will instruct our son ( a soph) to bring all his friends. I've taught my son( and daughters) to cook from the garden ( and I learned from my family)and now he should learn the rest! Thanks for a great time!
p.s. Both my husband and I moved to the Quad Cities after college and we both had family that had farms up near the wisconsin and illinois your place was like visting our past.........

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