Going back to college........

I love moments when my life really rocks!!!  Last night was one of them.

Garry Griffiths is the director of food services at Augustana College in Rock Island.  Their food program is a model in conscientious, thoughtful, local food choices.  And guess what???  They lowered costs!!

You cook from scratch.  You save money.  Who knew?????

So Garry asked me to do a pizza and cheese making class for the Farm-to-Fork program.  Farm-to-Fork is a student run organization that cares about the sustainability of the food they eat.  They intern at local farms.  They have their own Augie Acres where they raise produce for the college's food program.  And they sell their excess produce at local farmer's markets. 

Yea .... they rock!!!!

We were in the bakery at Augustana college.  Great mixers.  WONDERFUL ovens.  But the induction burners .... not so much.

I had started the cheese.  And we determined that my pan was not right for an induction burner.  So we emptied the milk into another pan.  Still no heat.

We went to another induction burner.  Blow the breaker.  Still no heat.

OK -- I'm trying to stay calm.  No heat = No cheese.  Pizza needs cheese.  It can live without 'shrooms, sausage, anchovies.  Cheese?  Not so much!

We find a butane burner and after a few false starts............ we are in the curds!!!  I love it when a plan comes together!!!!!

After one quick demo --- the students took over the cheese making.  And after a quick crust demo -- they took over the crust making.  And this was the results................

Yea ..... it was AWESOME!

It was a great evening! 

And because I said I would........ she made this dress!!!  Too cute!!!

Thanks to Garry, JoJo, Julie and the Farm-to-Fork program for such a wonderful evening.  You are welcome on the farm anytime!!!!!


Barb said…
In light of the recent events it is hard not to get discouraged. After reading your post about these young folks I am hopeful they will carry on for us. Their smiles are reflected in my smile.
Tim said…
Thanks for an awesome way to spend the evening!
Vernon said…
Thank you so much for coming to Augie. What fun!

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