More fibery fun!!

I promised to show you what I brought home.  It was a lot ... in my book ..... but I could have done a lot more damage!!!!

I never really have been a stash-shopper.  I'm a project shopper. I buy yarn as I need it for projects.  Now -- the projects that end up as UFO's or never materialize ..... that becomes stash.  But it didn't come in to Miss Eff's world as stash.

So ... I shopped with projects in mind.

Sort of.

OK -- time for truth in blogging.  I did not buy this.  Nor did I steal this. This is a favor to Maggie.  The art yarn is incredible.  I ooooooh and aaaaaaah a lot! Sometimes people have a difficult time imagining what can be made with it.  So I am knitting a mobius cowl out of it....... John will photograph it and it will be posted somewhere.

If it turns out.  That's always a worry!!!!!

If you look carefully, you will notice vintage rick-rack, and seam binding and buttons ....... spun into this creative fun yarn.

But judging how fast Maggie's yarns were selling, other people definitely have ideas how to use this beautiful yarn.

I was afraid I wouldn't get any for myself ........... so I quickly grabbed this for another mobius cowl.  Mine!!!

This was easy.  This beautiful tweedy yarn was made by my friend Jill.  It screams to be a new hat for Honey.  I love. love. love. the colors!

Then there was this... also made by Jill.  Shetland wool plied with cotton crochet thread  LOVE  IT!!! I'm hoping there is enough to knit a caplet for myself.  If not ... it will become a hat and a scarf.  But a caplet would be welcomed in the winter in this chilly house..... in between the hot flashes!!!!

That was all the yarn I bought.


That was all.

This was the pre-yarn I bought!!!

Romney, mohair and alpaca.  And its not leaving the house!!  Nope!  You can't buy it!  It is mine!  I have noooooo idea what I will knit with it.  But I will love it! Its a color called Strawberries and Cream.

Did I tell you that I love it????

I also love my new yarn bowl.  I'm in a beginning collecting stage.  Three is a collection.  I have two.  That is not enough!!!  Becky did the herb markers for the farm last year.  This year ... she is making flower markers.

I always dreamed of learning how to make pottery.  But I think I have enough projects to last a lifetime.  So I will continue to buy Willow Avenue Pottery and keep her busy!!!

(Did you know that the fabulous sign painter Jen ... is painting Becky's sign!  I can't wait to see what she creates for her!!!)

And finally .... I have waaaay too many friends that make wonderful soap!!! And I buy from all of them.  Saturday .... I bought soap from Teri!  Oh my!!! First of all ....... I now have enough soap to make it till the next millennium.  And secondly ..... my yarn and roving smell so good!!! I love the clean natural scents that come from hand-made soaps!!!  And Teri's makes everything smell real and wonderful!!!

So other than some awesome Peace Tree Beer (yes, you are welcome, Honey!) those were my purchases in Central Iowa on Saturday!!

That will keep me off the streets of Donahue for a while!!!!


What an amazing trip you must have had Cathy!! Everything is beautiful....I can picture your amazing projects already. So you'll be nice and toasty warm in all your knitted items...smell really good...and be good and schnockered for a while. ;-) Oh...and Becky's sign is done!! Can't wait to meet her on Saturday.
Ginny said…
All your goodies are beautiful. Makes me want to pull out the spinning wheel and crochet hooks!
sheeplady said…
Cathy, Let me know how you like your Strawberries and Cream since that was my sad attempt of dying red for the Hawkeye yarn I was to make. My Romney, Zephyr, alpaca and mohair came from Sally Farely.

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