A new toy!!!

There is nothing a girl loves more than a new toy..........................

Even if it is 100 plus years old!!!

Like a well-done sewing project...............

It is all in the details.

Like the house.... the lifestyle we live .... the seamstress........ it is a simple machine.

Full of rich details........  symbolic of a fruitful, productive life.

Thank you, Maggie!  I love it!!!!


This is SO COOL! In such great shape, too.
Anonymous said…
Now you post on here about how hard it is to sew on one of those things - I have one, but I've never used it (wasn't much into sewing as a kid, but I'm finding more & more need for it).
Miss Effie said…
Sharon -- I spin my own yarn, knit my own socks, raise my own veggies and can my own tomatoes. Just because its hard isn't going to stop me!!!!
Beautiful! I recently acquired a very similar Singer. Paul bought it from a friend who also sold him a desk. Seems he thought the sewing machine would win him some points for buying a desk without any drawers for the office. Smart man!
Anonymous said…
Wonder if there's Sewing on a Treadle for Dummies. I don't even know how to ...oh, when you put the thread through the little maze of doohickeys (the caffeine hasn't kicked in yet, what's my name again?).

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