Procrastination .... the real circle of life!

Blogging is not easy.

I have had nothing to say this week.  Well....... that's not true.  Cuz if you were at the Eldridge Knitting Nook yesterday, you know I had a lot to say!!!

I needed to break away from home yesterday for a couple of hours.  I needed to escape the computer, the phone and the smoke signals!  I needed the therapy that only a pair of knitting needles or a wheel can give.

Lately, my time has been spent working on our local Buy Fresh-Buy Local directory.  As membership chairman, I'm responsible for putting it together. I search the web for new members.  I ask for suggestions.  I develop and send out the forms.

And  I wait as the deadline approaches.  Then the work really starts.

I call.  I email.  I harass.

We always want to make the directory bigger and better.  We always want to serve our members more and more.  But unfortunately, like everything in the world, it doesn't always come together like it should. People don't get their forms in.  They want changes .... but they wrote (or didn't write) the information in the first place! Or they send me partial forms.... I'm good but I can't do anything with one page!!!! 

I could guess. 

I could put on my secret decoder ring.

I could pull out the Ouija Board and try to work the magic on it.

I could use last year's information that they changed .... but they forgot.

So ... in the meantime,  I call.  I email. I harass.

I have less than 20 days to get this done, proofed and to a printer.  And in that time frame, I have 9 classes to teach.  Handouts to write.  Recipes to develop. Taxes to do.  A couple of flats of flowers to order. Another seed order to get put together.  And a garden planting plan to draw out.

And a stack of forms from two junior colleges that needed to be returned a month ago!!!!

So they call.  They email.  They harass.

Life is just one big circle of putting things off!


Vicky said…
If anyone can relate to this I can. I am the worlds BEST procrastinator. Try as I may, I cant stop it. I visited your website on your You Cut flower farm in Donahue! I will for sure be visiting you. I grew up in Moline area, had friends in Dewitt and often traveled from Moline to Dubuque. I'm not living in Indiana,but visit Dubuque every now and then. Next time, I'll stop in and cut some flowers for my family!

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