Spring fever!

Yea. Yea. Yea.  I'm falling a bit behind in the blogging department this week.

I've been busy teaching ... Augustana students learned to make pizza and mozzarella cheese from scratch last Wednesday evening.  I taught 14 people how to make sour cream, buttermilk, cottage cheese, whole milk ricotta and mozzarella in my kitchen last Saturday.  Of course, we munched that mozzarella down on top of a pizza!  And tonight ... I teach making your own baby and toddler treats at Scott Community College.

And two more major classes next week ..... including the Homestead Conference on April 2!

To top it all off .... Honey got a new job!  He will be starting Monday as a designer in the engineering department for a sand-blaster manufacturer.  Yes ... more money.  Yes... better benefits.  And most importantly, a very happy Honey doing what he loves to do.... design things with lots of mechanical parts.

But you don't want to know that ..... you want to see pictures of what we have been doing.


The bump out of the Summer Kitchen!

Walls are painted ... floor is sealed.  Light fixture should go up this weekend.  Maybe the window trim.  And the egg cooler (dorm fridge) will be going in. And the bump out should be complete ... less the antique porch posts!

Spring scents like Lemon Verbena from Full Circle Soaps are here!

The wall behind the large shelving unit will be a gallery wall.  If I can get everything to fall into place.  Still some issues....... but I'm holding a couple of aces in my hand.  Steve and Julie.  They just don't know it yet!

Onion Grove Mercantile signs are available at Miss Effie's!

I love the yellow bead board wall ......... its soft, yet warm.

The table is decked in pretty spring items.  Like Julie Wall's eggs for an Easter Egg tree.
I love the grayish blue green of the rest of the walls.  As my dear friend, Sheepie Neighbor said.......... "It looks like an Araucana egg!"  Yep ..... it does.  Never doubt a woman that knows chicken math like she does!

Speaking of Sheepie Neighbor ......................

Fresh today ... they will go fast!

And according to the sign ........ and the weather man.  It is spring.

And at Miss Eff's, that means one thing.........................

Four.  We have four adorable kittens courtesy of George.  Who is mother to George.  And mother to Little Fast George.  We need to think of another name here!


corinne said…
Well.....it worked for George Foreman!
Chanin said…
Yes and I made the mistake of saying the word kittens around my daughter. Love the pictures. Need to drop in again!(I want a kitten! from Emily)
Michelle said…
Oh, hooray on the perfect job for Honey and less penny-pinching for Miss Eff! If ever I make it to Iowa for any reason, you KNOW I'm visiting you (and Sheepy Neighbor)!
Miss Effie said…
Michelle ... you have got to be driving through sometime. We live off of I-80. Drive 5 miles and you will catch both Sheepie Neighbor and me!

We are excited about the new job. It is the "happiness" factor more than anything. Honey had a great boss at the old job ... but not a lot of personal satisfaction. And a sense of accomplishment is so important to all of us.

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