They say spring is in the air..................

I'm on Face book and everyone is talking about planting.

They are planting lettuce and spinach and radishes and peas.

And I am envious.

Cuz when I walk out my back door, I see this!

Yes.  That would be snow!!! 

So is this............

This is where the crocus and hyacinths are.  First signs of spring .... still in the grips of winter. 

So ... I do what anyone that tries to live a sustainable, locally-based life does.  I sit at my spinning wheel  and I dream of spring flowers, dancing in the breeze.  Crocus and daffodils, snow drops and grape hyacinth.

A tiny viola, tucked in under the leaves.

The color of hand-spun yarn!!!!!!


Kelly Bartels said…
YES!!!! That's exactly what "we" do.
Judi said…
Hi Miss Effie
I know what you mean...for I feel the same way...we do have more snow than you do actually. I do love the pretty little flower that is coming up.Spring is on its way so the snow had better just melt...*s*..
have a great rest of the evening
Just saw Susy was planting....maybe I need to check my soil temp....
Anonymous said…
The catnip I planted last year is already up - Miss Fiona was in heaven. She hasn't had any 'nip since last fall. Miss Eff, you need to get one of those little greenhouses at Menards.
I know how you feel Cathy, I hope your snow melts Fast! Because It really doesn't feel like spring even when there is just the tiniest bit of snow on the ground :0)
Margaret said…
I'd love to see a picture of you outside in your planting gear with a hair dryer plugged into an extension cord, melting the snow! It's what I would do...

The flowers only come out after the smiles do! <3

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