500 posts????

Seriously??  I have been talking that much????

I am so shy and reserved.  Who knew I had it in me???

OK -- now that you have stepped in that pile of flower farm fertilizer.... we will carry on!! 

OH -- I will be doing a give-away in the next few days.... so stop back and see exactly what we are giving away!  No .... its not the farm.  Only feels like that on tax day. :(

New set of shelves help organize our goodies......

In the meantime and in-between time .......... a few views from the Summer Kitchen as it slowly progresses into a store!

Look at the cute birdhouse ornaments that Julie Wall has created. Perfect for an Easter tree or spring decorating!
When your budget for display fixtures is ........ zero, (Make that a big Zero) you have to get creative.  This was from a trip to the barn!

Glass sun catchers for your windows!

And these came from a trip to ReStore.  A dollar each!  Julie was brilliant finding these!  A little hardware cloth (on a farm, we call this rat screening) and we have hanging racks for small items.

In the spirit of fairness...... I should tell you that if you are not shopping ReStore, you are missing the boat.  But in reality ... I want you to continue to shop those high priced other stores.  I am looking for 2-30" or 36" wall cabinets and I don't want any additional competition!!!

Heather made some awesome sandwich wraps.

Earth Week is coming.  And one thing you can do to green up your life, is to pack green lunches.  Literally, every piece of plastic ever made on this planet ..... is still here. So to help eliminate lunch time debris that can not be recycled.... pick up some of our wonderful sandwich bags and wrappers. Totally washable and they will pay for themselves in less than 60 days!

Sherry from Poppy Cat Sews added some more masculine patterns to her line.

Another new item ..........

Made again by Heather Muir.

Tissue totes ............ 

Notice the Illini pattens.  Heather knew that as a Illini fan ........ we often have something to cry about!  Yea ... these are going with me!
I need to get a better picture of these.  Much Much cuter than my photographic skills show!

And finally, new toys!  Julie has been at it again with her adorable sock babies.  Three kittens and a dog!! Hand made ... safe..... and cuddly.

Stop in and see us.  

Tomorrow the east wall gets insulation and dry wall (maybe!).  And if it is nice on Sunday ... maybe windows???  And a new door???
We can only hope!


Ginny said…
Sounds like you are moving right along with The Summer Kitchen. Good Luck, have a great weekend.
myomyohi said…
I would love to see some pics of your corn zebo if you would like to share.
Beth said…
Everything looks gorgeous and I love, love the products. The stuffed sock animals are calling.
Hello, fellow Iowan!
I would love to see pics of this gazebo, as well. I came over from myomyohi to request that and maybe your location so I can include it on one of our day trips!
Miss Effie said…
If you search corn-zebo on the blog ... you can see several pictures of the corn-zebo.

I'll post a new one later in the month after I get it cleaned, scrubbed and re-planted.

Linda ... I am near the QCA... for directions, go to our webpage... www.misseffiesflowers.com
Anonymous said…
Oh I've GOT to get some of those birdhouses. People give them to me so I may as well collect them. Can't figure out why...maybe it's 'cause my last name is Wren? :-D

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