Ahhh......... what a weekend!

What a glorious weekend!!

The sky was a brilliant blue and the temperatures were incredibly warm for April. 

We were blessed by having the storms go north and south of us.  But other areas in the state, weren't as fortunate.  So if you have some room in your evening prayers (yea, find it!) ........ say thanks to God for sparing every life in Mapleton, IA.  There is a lot of clean-up to do ... over 60% of the town was destroyed.  But no one was killed or seriously hurt.

We spent the days making progress throughout the garden and in the Summer Kitchen.

We primed and painted the first coat of blue paint to the west wall.  Hopefully, by the end of the day, we will be moving to the east wall for insulation and dry wall.

I planted a new-to-me Nigella called "Midnight".  Much taller than most Love-in-a-Mists.  I have always loved that plant. Not only for their fabulous blue blossoms, but for their "alien-look" seed pods.  So now .. I may really have the height that I want in the garden.

I cleaned the herb tutors and unfortunately, found that all my lavender perished over the winter. I transplanted them last spring into the raised beds and took a gamble that didn't pay off.  Fortunately, I always grow an annual lavender called Lady.  So there should be plenty of lavender ............ as I learn another lesson in gardening!!! 

No -- this isn't lavender.  But its pretty nevertheless!

I have always had pretty good luck with Munstead. But lavender is not a great plant for the Midwest.  Our soils are too rich, not sandy enough.  And all of last year's rain put a lot of stress on the plants.  Add a cold winter ........... they didn't have a chance.

But the mint .......... the mint is doing well.  All of it!!  And trust me, there is a lot of it!  A L-O-T of it!

Mojitas for everyone!


Yay for beautiful spring weekends! I felt like a planting machine yesterday. :-) Thank goodness for the folks in Mapleton...my best friend lives just outside there near Danbury...she teaches at the school in Mapleton. Keep planting Miss Eff!!! Can't wait to see the blooms.
fullfreezer said…
I was pleasantly surprised today to discover that at least one of my lavender plants made it through the winter. I still need to check the other- it is a different bed. And yes, mint.......

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