Muddling through the century

Currently, it is 10 am and cold and rainy and 37 degrees.

Do you know where your flower plugs are???  Well, mine are on a truck, coming to see me tomorrow.  Now is not the time for a visit.

So in the meantime... in the cold and the rain and the wind ......... I'm exploring the 21st Century.

This is not easy for a gal that swears she was born 100 years too late!  But by taking little steps .... I might be making progress.

I am attempting to Tweet again ... so if you feel like following MissEffie's in the big wide world of tweets and twitters ....please feel free to.  I need the company.

And in real cool business news .... in the near future... we will be accepting debit and credit cards at Miss Eff's.  Hopefully, by June 1st ... all will be in place and ready to go!  So you can just swipe away at Miss Eff's.

To really mess with my head ....... I looked at net books yesterday.  I'm a diary/journal type of girl.  And suddenly.... I am talking net books!!!  (Seriously... they started talking gigabytes and megahertz... and I know I went blank in the face.  I soooo wanted to tweet about chickens or canning jars!)

All of this progressive talk about wireless routers and splitting lines has given me a headache!

So I will sit with my Navajo-plied merino/Jacob/corridale hand spun blended wool and work on the short rows on the heels of my entrelac socks.

Take that ... Geek Squad!!!!


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