Take a peak..............

The Summer Kitchen has four walls.  Four!  One window ..... 2 are still AWOL and my beautiful door is hiding out in the laundry room.  But there are four walls!!!!

So to celebrate ... we will be open three days this week.  That's three.  Not four.  Like the number of walls that I have!

OK ... truth in blogging.  I'm sort of at the end of a rope.  I can't plant.  The rain won't stop and the sun won't shine.  Menard's has not delivered the wood for the ark yet.  So I'm kind of fidgety. Make that real fidgety.  So some company might keep me from drowning myself in chocolate fudge pudding!!!

Enough about my argument with Mother Nature.  How about some pics????

First up in the Summer Kitchen ..... new yarn.

Caden's Moon Alpacas has brought all sorts of goodies.  First up ... some soft and yummy hand spun alpaca yarn.

And then Cynthia made the neatest stitch markers out of some of her grandmother's jewelry.

The pink ones look like flowers.............. Be still my beating heart!  (And trust me .... with these cold temperatures at night ... they are almost the only flowers that you can find on this flower farm! Thank God for dandelions!)

Cynthia also brought a little fiber for the spinners among us.  I'm working some now and it spins beautifully!  You have got to try some.

Debbie and Karen brought some great rugs.  Some round.  Some oval.  And all in that $25-$30 range.  Compare that to similar rugs on Etsy in the $40-$50 range.  I love them!  The smaller rugs would make great table runners!

We have yarn in spring colors to brighten your day ... and mine!

And tea cozies that just scream Spring (Something should!)

Flowers on aprons.... flowers button bouquets.... flowers on hot pads and market bags.  We have flowers every where in the Summer Kitchen.  And we will be open from 9 to 4, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Fresh eggs ....... fresh salted nut rolls will also be here.  And rumors abound about the appearance of some cookies .  If they are chocolate chip shortbread, forget that I mentioned them! :)

See you soon!


Beth said…
Looks like higher temps on Friday. Perhaps we can make our way out to you.
Robbie Palm said…
Just love your items for sale! It is like looking through my grandmother Ethel's drawers in her knitting room...she knitted all our winter ware and even outfits. I did not inherit her gift for knitting, I admire those who are able to do it so well..hope to get out there and see what you have your new store...roberta:-)
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