So ... since its been forever (!) since I have posted ..... do you remember this???

That was last week.  I hang my head in gardener's shame.

But now!  Wowza!!! I'm almost happy with that!  So here's another picture.

And finally ........... another picture.

I have a few more finishing touches to get in the garden before I call it done.  Tuck in a few violas. A couple of pots of herbs.... some items that add a little more color would be nice.  But I have to remember that once the calendula and the bee balm start to bloom............ there will be more color. 

(Something other than Herb's grave marker!!!)

Stepping stones go through the garden so you can walk through ... pick the herbs that you want .... and not step on these!!!

These beautiful hand-made pottery plant markers made by the talented Rebecca Brandow of  Willow Avenue Pottery.  I love them!! 

I want my gardens to have an organic, natural, vintage feel to them.  And plastic or aluminum plant markers just don't cut it!!!  It is also important to me to support another woman with a small, creative business... doing exactly what she loves to do! So when I saw her plant markers a year ago at Prairieland Herbs.... I knew I wanted them! 

In fact, I loved them so much ... 22 more will be gracing the flower beds in the next week or so!!!  And as I am going through the gardens, I got to thinking ......... I didn't order "borage" or "lovage" or "dahlias".

So fire up the kiln, Becky!!  Another order is coming your way!!!

If I could only figure out a way to make her yarn bowls tax deductible expense!!!!!!


corinne said…
They look awesome!!! May Herb rest in peace.
I love the Pottery Markers. Just lovely!

And your bed? I can't believe its the same one. Looks amazing.
Zan Asha said…
Everything looks like it's coming along! And of course you know we love Becky and her talented potteryworks!

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