Can you hear me???

OK -- seems like I will be talking a lot in the next couple of weeks. Yea ... like that's anything new!!! And if you happen to want to hear me or read about the is where to tune in or what to pick up!

On Saturday, May 28th at noon.... Neal Sawyer from Sawyer Beef and I will be on the The Parent Trip on WVIK 90.3 discussing connecting your kids to their food source.  It was a fun interview with lots of laughs.  And if you can't get our local NPR station on your radio dial..... you can listen to a re-play of the interview at this link on their website.

On Tuesday, I have an interview with Jeannine Otto of the Illinois Agri-News.  I am really excited about this interview because it is going to highlight the cooperative nature of the Summer Kitchen.  The women that are creating such fabulous items for it are amazing!!!  And its really nice to be able to help provide a space that they can make money.

I feel strongly that if women can work together .... we can provide a rich strong community feeling that has been missing in society for a long time.

We have created a me-society.  My needs... My wants.  Me.... Me.... Me.....Now.  It is all about me.

Well ... pardon my French but that is chicken doo-doo!!!!

So I have looked for women that have created a little nook for themselves.  They don't copy recipes.  They don't copy techniques.  They are creative and know their strengths and their limitations.  And I love them!!!!!

So hopefully ... they all will get a little more business and the recognition they so deserve!

And finally, I will be talking to my friend and fabulous urban beekeeper .. Zan Asha on June 12th for the Renegade Farmer.(Honey and I are still trying to figure out a way to kidnap and smuggle Zan back to Iowa!!!! But I am certain that everyone in the central part of the state feels the same way!  She needs to get out of the Bronx and come hang with us!!!)

This description for the show cracked me up!!

SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 5:30pm EST ~ Cathy LaFrenz, owner Ms. Effies Country Flowers and Garden Stuff! Super Dynamo Iowan and amazing businesswoman Cathy Linker LaFrenz will be by to talk about a farming specialty--Flower Farming!  Plus her amazing sustainability classes, business model, journey to becoming a speaker and teacher, and much more. The model of small farming success, Cathy will inspire all of those small-business persons and small farmers by demonstrating that YES you CAN make a living on your farm with the right amount of strategies, organizing, and understanding of how to market your farm!

OK -- Time for truth in notes!! 

1) I am not a dynamo.  For verification of that fact, you can find me passed out from fatigue at 8:30 pm every evening.  If not..... its because I have grabbed a 15 minute nap.  Maybe 30 minutes.  OK OK -- 45 minutes!!!

2) I am not organized.  Have ya seen my office desk?  No really, have you seen it???  Cuz I have no frickin' idea what the top looks like!!!!!!!!  This, I am certain, is not a model of organization!!!!! 

But I love doing what I do .... and hopefully, that will shine through the interview. 

If Zan and I can stop talking .................. wait, this is radio .... they want us to talk!!!!  Well ... let it be known that Zan and I love to talk and we talk really fast and the conversations can turn on a dime!!!  We will attempt to stay on course!

It should be a fun interview.  And I just can't wait to do it. 

So .... that's what is new on the farm for today!  See you later.... this warm weather should help the flowers to grow! 


Zan Asha said…
Wooohoo! Hello My Beautiful Miss Effie!! Of COURSE YOU ARE A DYNAMO--I don't know anyone who does HALF of what you do in any given day, including ME...though I will say that lots of the Iowa women will put most city folk to shame with their level of "can-do" and "go-get-em" attitude! Our audience DEFINITELY will benefit by hearing what you have to say!! Can't wait 'til the 12th!!

Big hugs! Zan :)

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