I had an epiphany the other day. 

I finally came to the realization that I will never be Lynda Carter.  Well -- I really don't want to be Lynda Carter.  'Cept she is really built and I think she is older than I am. I'm not seeing a muffin top there!  Where is that middle age spread???? Maybe I do want to be Lynda Carter..... but I digress!

I just want to be Wonder Woman. 

Yep .... I want to wake up cheerful and perky and with my hair neatly coiffured at 5 a.m. I want to play in the dirt in $100 designer blue jeans and never rip a knee out or have grass stains on the butt!  I want to wear a white tee shirt a second time!!!!

I want to spin my own yarn, knit my own socks ... and never have a WIP just hanging out around the house. I want bills that pay themselves..... papers that file themselves .... and class schedules that magically plan and organize themselves!

I want cats that don't shed.  I want a road without dust.  I want to bake without spilling flour all over the floor.

But honestly,  it ain't goin' happen!!!!

And I have accepted that.  And I kind like that make-up free, disheveled, Lee wearin' woman that greets me in the mirror.  Carrharts suit me!

But for years, I have tried and tried and tried to be "Wonder Woman".  And trust me ... the outfit just doesn't fit!!!!!  (They need to put a lot more stretch in that lycra stuff!)

So I have recently (VERY RECENTLY) hired a housekeeper.  And I got ........... But you don't work.  You are home all day.

(Hold me back now.....) Seriously .... just because you are working from home and not driving down the road to punch a time clock,  you are not working????????  And because you are home all day and not driving down that road .... you must be eating bon-bons and watching soaps.  Where the women do have housekeepers!!!!

I wish!!

I do wish I was more competent.  I do wish I was more organized.  But I am accepting the fact that if I want a clean house 90% of the time ...... its not going to happen on my watch!!!!  I need help.

So the next time you need to use the bathroom in my house and you see someone else cleaning it..... say hi!  And in my book .... she is Wonder Woman!!!!!


Michelle said…
Hurray for YOU! Weed on, woman! (Last year I hired two weeder for a day. Same thing, right?)
Zan Asha said…
Wait! You coulda had ME there cleaning your house! I'd accept payment as just getting to sleep up in the old attic room! PLUS, I cook! ;)

By the way, you ARE Wonder Woman! Just 'cuz it don't look perfect doesn't mean it ain't wonderful!
Plus, I'm sure even she gets a wedgie or a pimple now an then!
Becky said…
Amen, Sister! I *TRY* to keep our house relatively clean, but it's just so much work on top of making yarn bowls for the yarn bowl junkies. I just don't have the time. ;)

P.S. I have TWO complete Carhartt winter suits.. overalls, super insulated coat etc. TWO! :)
fullfreezer said…
You go girl! I can usually manage to organize one thing- inside or outside. This time of year a housekeeper would be a blessing.
Another option would be to get an 'intern'. My daughter is working (for free) for a local lady who grows and sells herbs at the farmer's market. All for a reference since the job market is so bad. Hmm, a weeder.... too bad she doesn't intern for me!

I get help too from a wonderful woman who comes to clean for me once a month-wish it were more- but take what I can get, right? She does the whole house from top to bottom and I get to live in a clean space for, um, approximately 10 hours ( until the next morning when the teenagers make their second and thirds breakfasts. Just knowing she is coming to back me up is such a stress reliever and if I have to I'll scedule her to come just before we have a social gathering at the house..tee hee. She is my angel.

Keep enjoying life, your gardens and especially those chickens!!

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