He hears buildings talking.....................

My poor poor Honey.

Honey started designing the Summer Kitchen two years ago.  He knew he wanted a swoooopy roofed building.  Something whimsical.  Something unique.

What he didn't know.... he designed a building that talks.

Yep ... as Honey slowly tries to complete the Summer Kitchen, it continues to chatter away. 

We had this door in the attic.

It was a nice door.

We knew that we wanted to cut out the panels and insert glass ... but the Summer Kitchen couldn't go along with that.... it wanted more.

So while browsing through Re-Store Store, poor Honey hears the whispering of the Summer Kitchen. 

I would look good in that door.  You could put a fancy door knob in me and take me anywhere. 

And so... after careful measurements, stripping old paint, repairing cracked panels, painting, inserting glass panels and restoring a vintage door knob....... the Summer Kitchen seemed happy.

But that happiness was short-lived.  She wanted more.

I need a better entrance.  Something more dignified.  Not just a stoop with a step.

So Honey dug and moved dirt.  He raked and shoveled and tilled to make the dirt smooth.  He put a gravel walkway and inserted stepping stones.  He seeded the gentle sloping sides with grass.

She wants a brick walkway.  We are trying to convince her that she has to wait for the soil to settle.  But she seems to be throwing a fit.  Demanding her own way.

Like the spoiled child that she has become, the Summer Kitchen is getting a deck across the back so customers can enjoy her beauty by sitting and looking over the garden.

And although, she won that battle and a new deck will be started soon.... it is never enough for the Summer Kitchen.

Yea...... this is what she wants now!!!! Not one ... not two ... but three of those!!!!!!!

Why can't Honey see dead baseball players come out from the corn like everyone else in Iowa?????


Margaret said…
If you build it, they ~will~ come! But you'll get alive and paying customers. ;)

Heck, I'm in Michigan and want to come see the finished Summer Kitchen!! Someday...
Christine said…
She doesn't just want it, she needs it. I'm sure she feels naked without it.
I'm in love with your summer kitchen! Its so charming and inviting I love it! I hope I can find time to come see it in person sometime.
Roberta Palm said…
What a great guy to help you create what you need...I've always said marry your best friend....:-)
That looks great!!
Penny said…
You are a fortunate woman to have a honey who listens to his "women". =)
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