Life is Buzzin'

OMG!  It is May 5th and I haven't done a post yet!  I am sooo sorry!  I am still alive and kicking!

Fortunately, I have been so busy that I could not stress out (well, not much!) about freezing temperatures, too much rain and the lack of planting time.  So here it is .... May 5th ... and I am looking at 5500 plugs that need to go into the ground.  Yikes!

So wanna know why I have been so busy???

Yep ..... it is the amazing, energetic, whirlwind of a gal ........ Zan Asha!

Started out a month or so ago ......... Maggie emailed me and said Zan wanted to bring her bee show on the road to Iowa.  Prairieland Herbs was going to be her first stop and wondered if Miss Eff's could be the second.  Two seconds!  Two seconds!  It took two seconds to decide ..... YES!!!!

So Maggie and John forced me to do the beekeeper hand-off at Stringtown Grocery in Kolona.  Yea.  Ya know I avoid that place!  ;)  And I think Zan and I talked for the next 48 hours straight!!!!

I'll do a quick wrap up of her trip on the east coast of Iowa!

First, a beekeeping class at Vander Veer Botanical center in Davenport.  Hi, Judy!!!  Yep ... that's Judy from the blog, My Freezer is Full.

I am certain everyone enjoyed the class!  And boy, did we learn a ton!  And although, we won't be seeing bees this year at Miss Eff's..... they will be coming to a flower farm near me in 2012!

The next day flew by!  First Zan got her woolie-on by stopping at Crosswinds Farm for lamb lovin'!

OK -- another lamb pic ... cuz they are soooooo cute!!!!!

A little junkin' .... a great lunch ..... a little more junkin' and we were off again for a cooking with honey class!
(No ... not my Honey!  He has gotten to be a much better cook ... but I'm pretty certain he isn't going to get up and teach a class!)

A totally fun class!!!  And she brought New York style to the class with a top notch show of pyrotechnics!  Yep ... nothing like exploding sesame seeds to make a class a total hit!!!!!!  And the food was great too!

Yesterday ... it was time to say so long.... but not goodbye.  Zan is walking around New York with a little piece of Iowa with her.  We loved having her here..... and she better know .... she is ALWAYS welcome at Miss Eff's B and B!!! 

Love ya, Zan!!!!!


Barb said…
I would have loved to be(e) there for the class. I don't do the bee work here but I did contact a local bee keeper and asked if he would put hives on the property. LOVE having the bees around.

Oh....and String Town...dangerous place. Good but dangerous. I love the fragrances from the cool storage room in the that weird?
fullfreezer said…
I know I had a TON of fun! If it hadn't been so cold we probably would have all stood around half the night. And Bees are on my wish list for next year. But, unlike chicks, I plan to have the hives ready before they arrive!
I must say, having chickens in the downstairs bath is a great motivator. It was so much fun meeting you in person.
Zan Asha said…
Hey Mama Effie!! ;) You were the PERFECT hostess and I STILL say I don't know too many people more interested in MY success! I love you and I loved every minute in Iowa, so please consider me an honorary Iowan!! Hugs, hugs hugs, and say hello to Sheepie neighbor! :)
Miss Effie said…
Honorary??? That's sheep poo!!! We are only coming to NY to permanently kidnap you to Iowa!

Anytime .... you are welcome anytime.

Mary said…
This sounds like so much fun. I wish I lived nearer. We are still talking about you and your kitties and the wonderful eggs we received from you. Have a great day. The weather has to change soon!!
Zan Asha said…
Aww! I am getting the warm fuzzies! We must still get together and figure out how to bring YOU out to NY to do some speaking of your own! And of course, while you're there, feel free to kidnap me! ;)
Beth said…
Oh we loved it and Thomas just soaked up everything. Though we couldn't attend the next evening, we did make some granola here and utilized some good honey. Thank you so much for organizing this event.

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