My dirty little secret........

OK -- I'll admit it.  I probably take on more than I can possibly do. 

There.  I said it. 

A few years ago ... a gal young enough to be my daughter said to me ... I never take on more than I can do well.

My response to that is ......... How do you really know then, how much you are capable of doing?

So as always....... I can too much, have too much yarn and fiber, have too many chickens, teach too many classes, laugh too loud and my head is bursting with ideas!

In typical Cathy-style, I probably have too many gardens. Maybe.  At least, I might possibly think that now.

Yea ... I don't want to say that too loud or Honey might never dig another one for me ...ever!!!!! 

And I am learning that the global weather change is difficult for an organic-style gardener.  Too cold.  Too wet.  Weeds that were never there before ... suddenly are taking over the world!!! So here it is... May 17th ... and my gardens are not clean.  And they are not planted.  But the weeds and grasses  are extraordinary!  Normally, I am done cleaning, mulching and planting most everything by May 7-8th. 

Not so much this year!!!!!

This ..... is my herb garden.  OK -- this is roughly a 1/3 of my herb garden.  Aren't the dandelions a nice contrast to the tall grass???

Well, Sonya and I dug into this yesterday ... and after 4 hours of pulling and digging and weeding and sweating and a bit of swearing on my part! ..... we had this!

No mulch .... No plants .... but a huge improvement.  With a little luck we might finish the cleaning today and move on to the mulch tonight and pick up the herbs that I ordered on Wednesday or Thursday.

Its been a tough year.  Its going to be a while before all these beds are in beautiful pristine condition. 

I'm just hoping that you can see the beauty through the weeds!


we are all behind! Hang in there- Its gonna be beautiful.

P.S. weeds are abundanat here as well.
Ginny said…
We are not gardeners if we can't see the beauty thru the weeds!!
Anonymous said…
I finally got my garden all weeded...and there's at least a 40% chance of rain every day for the next week. Well, maybe I can get the corn and the peanut plant in and they can beat the weeds.
Zan Asha said…
Eh, the weather is abysmal everywhere. Been raining and cold up here and the bees are behind in harvesting pollen, they'd rather stay inside when it rains!

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