New and Improved

Miss Eff's feels like a box of soap flakes.  New and Improved! (we hope!)

OK -- let's play a game ......... find the differences! This is the Summer Kitchen on April 5th!

And here is the Summer Kitchen today......... my sign is not up because they are predicting storms.  We have made it so it "snaps" off easily.  Cuz I LOVE MY SIGN!!!! 

This weekend, the outside trim went up and has been painted.  And now .... it makes me want the gable end decorations even more!  Yes ... when you come to Miss Eff's look for the Hansel and Gretel cottage!  That would be the Summer Kitchen.

We also started to hang our new plant markers.  Rebecca Brandow from Willow Avenue Pottery created these fabulous plant markers for our gardens.

They have such a wonderful handmade feel to them!  I love these markers!!!!

Honey got a couple of more plant supports made.  YEA!!!  Fortunately, our material of choice (cattle panels) are on sale this week!!! So I will be stocking up on more and more supports for tomatoes and our cutting gardens!

I am trying to make the gardens more picturesque.  A little "fluffier" as we would say in the interior design business.  And some of that means adding more color.  This weekend, the color of choice was yellow. 

Flea market bench before

And fortunately, the rainy weather did not totally wash out my "decorating" plans.  I hit the sewing machine.  Literally.  I some times get frustrated with my 37 year old machine!

Flea market bench after

But it did cooperate enough to make 5 pillows this weekend for the garden.  This is one of my favorites.

The remnants of a vintage tea towel or table cloth ..... I love the hand embroidered flowers on it and the hem stitching.  

And finally .... Miss Effie's has reached official status with an official Miss Effie brochure.

OK .... its not so much of a brochure as a bookmark! (Sorry .... its not compatible with a Kindle or Nook!)

Wait!  You didn't really think that I would do a "brochure", did you?????  Like a tri-fold thing????

I wish I could say this was my idea.  It was not!  When a graphic design student came to me with the idea ... and them ran with it and created this .... I was thrilled!  Instant capture of Miss Eff's!!!!!  And if you carefully look at the front ..... do you see the watermark of the tea cup tree???? 

I'm thinkin' its pretty durn cool!!!  

Yea ..... I love my brochures!

So.... do you see why I say that Miss Eff's is like a box of soap flakes???  

If I could only get the grass stains out of my jeans.


Michelle said…
The student did an EXCELLENT job on your bookmark/brochure - and I say that as someone in the business. Everything is lookin' good!
FairyLover said…
Love the new red door and your beautiful little shop. Perhaps I'll be able to stop by when I'm in Iowa this summer.

Oh dear goodness...a snap off bracket? Crazy people. We could always make you a new sign. ;-) Becky's plant markers? Adore. Adore so much I can hardly stand it. The new trim on the Summer Kitchen...just the right touch. Loves it all.
Anonymous said…
I wanna bookmark!!!!
Your brochure and the Summer Cottage both look absolutely amazing.

I'm also thinking I might need some plant markers...

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