Panic Mode..............

OK -- this is not a cry for sympathy.  Nor is it a cry for help.

This is life as we know it.  Every spring.  Every May.  Every June.

I go into serious panic mode.

First..... I can't seem to get the plants and plugs into the ground.  The weeds are too tall. The weather is miserable.  I am too busy. My back refuses to move another inch!  So I go into full fledged panic mode.

There is not enough beer, chocolate, Valium, ice cream or Prozac to keep me from fretting, stewing. fidgeting. worrying and being a nervous wreck.

This is my life in May ..... as we know it.

My friend Jill sent me a note from Johnny's Select Seeds about the planting date on annuals.  May 26th.  Yea ... May 26th.  Not March 26th.  Or April 26th.  May 26th. Which was only 4 days ago.  Fortunately, that silly little note helped..... a lot.  I am relatively calm on that point.  It also helps to know that I will finish planting most of my plugs by Wednesday.

So although ... everyone else in the immediate universe has been done planting for months(!!!!) ..... I am just fine.  (Truth in blogging ........ I have been sedated by a twist ice cream cone. It helps!)

Planting worries are set aside..... now we are in the foo-foo worry state.

How do I make this place look different/ special/ unique/ new???? You know.... how to I get a foo-foo look that I want for the farm???  I'm now on a first name basis with the entire paint department at Menards.  I have gone through years of magazines, looking for inspiration.  I have poured over ideas online.

And right now....... I got nothing!

Oh ... I can find all sorts of things that costs lots of money or takes lots of time/creativity/ talent.  Oh -- I see those.  But can I find anything that I can create... right now!  With the stuff I have here on the farm ... now??

Not so much.

And this is the time of year........ I am bleedin' money.  Yep ... I spent last night looking for a transfusion.  But no one is compatible with my type.  O Negative!!!  Yep ... when Mr. Banker guys see that I am an O Negative.... they run!!!

So I'm worried.  I'm stressed.  I'm bummed.

This will pass on the day I can sell a bucket of flowers.  I know that.  I have been putting my poor Honey through this for ten years now.

Until then, I could use a twelve-step plan for cut-flower farmers. 

They say acceptance is the first step.


fullfreezer said…
Don't panic. I'm not finished planting yet either. The weather has definitely NOT been cooperating with my plans. But today was good and I have a tiny bit of hope that I won't have chickens in my basement forever.
Hmm, need some huge hickory logs for your flower farm? I can get you some CHEAP!! But you have to pick them up.
No, no, dear. Admitting you have a problem is the first step. Step two is accepting your insanity for what it is. I completely understand. I grow for a CSA and this time of year is rough on me, too. The early crops are winding down and I'm hovering over the summer crops praying they'll produce in time. It always works in some miraculous way (yes, there is a plan to it all that involves spreadsheets and too much math but I still freak out). You'll be fine. You constantly amaze me with the things you do. Now, where can I get a twist ice cream cone?
Anonymous said…
I still don't have the corn or peanuts in. This week for sure!
myomyohi said…
I think we're all stressing over something in our lives. You sound perfectly normal. And if you're like me, once this passes, you'll be worried about something else.
I am confident you will persevere and your crop will be fabulous.

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