Beyond Basil.............

OK -- the world is flying too fast!!!!

Tomorrow! ......... as in Monday June 27th .......... the wonderful, sweet, funny and spunky Linda Tuftee from Tuftee's Garden is McCausland, Iowa  is teaching a class on herbs here at Miss Eff's.

We will be talking herbs for planting, herbs for eating, herbs in your drinks, herbs in the bath! 

We will be eating Linda's Rosemary Pine Nut cake .... yummmmm!  Miss Eff's will provide apple mint lemon soda. And there will be other goodies to try.

So if you have been a little unsure about using fresh herbs in cooking ... come talk to Linda!!! If you are uncertain about where to use borage and where to use lovage.......... come talk to Linda!!!  She will answer your questions in a clear, concise, easy to understand way ... and leave you laughing!!!!  Its what we love in a teacher!!!!

The class is $10 (you will eat more than that!!!) and is at Miss Effie's at 1 pm.  In the corn-zebo, mind you!
The corn-zebo is the perfect place to spend a Monday afternoon!

So come see us!  And stop by the Summer Kitchen to see what is new.


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