If you are within the sound of my voice!

Yep... I'll be talking with my friend Zan Asha today, host of The Renegade Farmer radio show.

So -- just in case you are hanging around the house at 4:30 Central time ..... you can list to me here!  I am certain the topic of nearly naked canning will pop up!  I just know it!!!!!

And if you miss it.... I'll be posting a link in a couple of days so you can hear it online if you like.

Or if I do a really crappy job ...... I will never speak of this embarrassing moment again.

Me ... be quiet?????? Like that will happen!


Can't wait!!! Counting down the minutes. CST minutes that is. ;-)
Zan Asha said…
Hello Wonderful Lady! We are very happy to interview you! This will be spectacular, of course!
Anonymous said…
Ack, I missed it! Hurry up w/ that link!

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