Just a tad concerned.......

In this morning's paper, I read this article.

I started to count...............................

Patches Ann
Phraphar .... which is one-year-old speak from tractor   

Yoda Jo
2/5 of the litter and Really Little George to the left

Little Face Fluffy Tail who always takes lousy pictures cuz she wants you to pet her!  


George, mother of Little George and Really Little George

Little George , mother of the new litter

Phew!!!!!  And I was worried!!!!


fullfreezer said…
You don't have to have cats to be crazy....
Okay, so you have 16 cats? What a coincidence, so do we. LOL. I never planned to have so many but when you live in the country people from the city drop them off, perhaps thinking that you are deprived of pets and so they leave some for you. I don't know but the Ark is full here in Gooberville.
Vonlipi said…
You have the cutest cats!

I have 4 and the Inn is full here in Pincourt! I use to have 6 but found it hard to pay for all the vet bills....

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