Kind of newsy..........

A few weeks ago on Facebook... there was a request to post pictures of your flea market style outdoor dining.  And for some reason.... I posted a picture or two of the corn-zebo.

Well ... looky, here!!!  OK -- you have to go to page 12.  Cuz if you looky, here, you are on the cover. And Miss Eff's is not.

(Why isn't looky a word according to Spell Check??? And seriously, how many times do I have to "ignore" corn-zebo???  What is so difficult about making that a real word???)

The magazine ....... oh yea, you might want to know its name.  The magazine is Flea Market Gardening.  It is a self-published magazine by Anna Looper and is available by PDF or you can order a hard copy.

I was thrilled that they liked my style.  I am a flea market type gal..... but I think my style is a little sparse when compared to many of the photos.  It is a little vintage-meets-cottage-meets-a-very-thin-checkbook!!!!  

And much quirkier than most "flea market styling". 

You can't get much quirkier than tea cups.  I mean who would tie tea cups on to a tree?? Seriously, tea cups??????


Zan Asha said…
Woman, I believe there are secret tea-cup-ty-ers out there, but you're the only one I know who has the chutzpah to put it out in the open!

GOOD for you, I loved looky-ing over and finding some well deserved recognition for you!

And yes, I do believe corn-zebo IS a word!!!

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