KIP - KIP - KIP-ing Away!!

I came from a long line of knitters.

I have my great-aunt Kate's wooden knitting needles.

I have a baby sweater that my grandmother knit for me as an infant.

Safe, neutral baby color ... mint green

I have skating socks that my mother knit for me when I was 10 or 11.

Yes.... I still wear these.

And I have the sweater I knitted for a 4-H project when I was 13.  That sweater is almost 44 years old!  Almost! Damn!  It almost qualifies for an AARP card!!!!

This sweater actually won lots of honors and awards.  Loved this sweater!

So KIP-ing  (knitting in public) comes waaaay too natural!  In fact -- I have no shame!  I will knit almost any and everywhere.  But not in church.  Can't go that far!

When a couple of friends asked me to host an event on World Wide Knit in Public Day ..... I was sooooo there!!!!

Saturday June 11th -- we will be knitting and crocheting and spinning in public here at Miss Eff's.  Grab your needles, your hooks or your wheels.  Park yourself and purl in the corn-zebo. Do yarn-overs in the orchard.  Sit and spin in a corner of the lath house. 

We are starting at 2 ... and will quit when we run out of yarn!!!! (OK -- I may have to take a break and make supper for Honey around 7-7:30)

Miss Eff's will provide sangria ... cuz the laughter is louder with wine!! We will also have lemonade.

If you stroll into the Summer Kitchen and buy any hand-spun yarn ... you will receive a gift certificate for Half-Off a bucket of flowers.  Yea .... Miss Eff 's attempt to be Groupon!

So grab a chair ... head out to the glorious countryside, we call Miss Eff's  and we will hand you a wine glass.  Oh ... you might want to RSVP so there is one for you!!!!


Oh man! I wish I could go - if only to finally learn how to knit from experts - but I work on Saturdays. :(
Colleen said…
Sounds like so much fun. Would love to come, but alas I have Clover kids, will be teaching my budding little 4-H members how to make their own baskets.
Kelly Bartels said…
Fun stuff. I wish I were closer. Our local "Knit in Public" day is this weekend too!! ps-wine does turn up the volume a smidge. lol
Beth said…
So I am not knitter (yet) but can I come for the sangria? Actually we will be out of town but I would love to come and watch some pros at work.

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