Let's make a deal!!!!

Remember that silly television show where everyone dressed up and had silly items that they traded to be contestants???  And Monte Hall made deals for what was behind door number three or the great big box???

Well ..... late last winter, I made a deal for what was behind door number one!  And I was the big winner!!!

Yep ... I agreed to trade flowers for lunch at the Mill Creek Cafe.  It was a hard decision.  Took me all of a nano-second!!!  (Exactly, what is that???  It does sound really really fast!!)

No, the hard decision..... Strawberry pie, Millionaire Pie or Butterfinger dessert!!!  OK -- I'll have the strawberry spinach salad with chicken then the Millionaire pie!

So if you want to know why we are closed on Tuesday's, I am eating ... the. best. lunch. ever.

Join me.  Soon.  You can thank me later.


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