Looking for Seven Dwarfs........... with gardening tools!

I can not count the times, people have popped out of the car and said "You are livin' my dream!"  I politely smile and say .... "Oh, really?  This is your dream?"

Well -- if you ever ever ever wanted to surround yourself with gardens full of flowers.... if you ever ever wanted to hear nothing but the birds sing .... if you ever wanted the wind in your hair, the sun on your back and the BEST farmer tan ever ...... this is your chance.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday .... you can have your opportunity to live Miss Eff's life.  Grubby knees, sun-burnt arms, sweat streaked face, dirty fingernails and all.

We are hosting a wedding here on the farm on Saturday.  And the farm has to look beautiful.  And it doesn't!!!!!  Its getting prettier every day but there is still a lot of work to do. We need to spend Thursday and Friday "fluffing" for the nuptials!

So .... here is where you come in.  If you want. If you were serious about livin' the dream!  Or if you just plain like us!!!!

Grab your gloves, sunblock, water bottle and maybe bug spray..... and spend two hours pulling weeds. 

I know ... sounds fun, doesn't it???  But we are spending between 8-10 hours a day working the gardens and its not cutting it in this wet, cool, hot, humid spring!

So for two hours of weeding ... you will receive a gift certificate for a bucket of flowers and a dozen eggs.  Yep ... an $18.50 value for two hours of sun and weight bearing exercise! 

Think of it this way ........ cheaper than a tanning bed and gym membership. And you get flowers and super fresh eggs!!!

I will warn you ..... you will be given an area to weed and grass mulch.  I will be picky.  And you will receive your gift certificate after a job well done.

Really.............. it can be fun.  After all, you can sing..... "Hi-hoe! Hi-hoe! Its off to work we go!"  :)


Barb said…
Ok, now I really feel bad about returning home to WI and to work tomorrow. I would much rather (AND I AM NOT KIDDING ABOUT THIS) be there weeding with you, the birds and the Iowa breezes than in a room with no windows, air conditioning blowing from the vents and town life.

I'll be there is spirit, though. (That doesn't help with the weeding though, does it?) :O(

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