Nothing much to say..........

OK -- I am still waiting for flowers to burst into bloom.  Yes....... I am disgusted.  Yes .... I am seriously thinking about hooking up space heaters and putting them outside to heat the world up a bit!

I am having trouble locating enough drop cords, though.

So until Mother Nature decided to let my flowers bloom ... I'll show you a few pictures from the Summer Kitchen.  If you see anything you like .... drop me a note! 

These button bouquets are from the ever talented Belinda Holbrook.  Love her stuff!  Belinda has a craft room that is to die for!!  And she did all the work herself.  And she volunteers countless hours at our favorite store.... Habitat for Humanity's ReStore Store in Davenport.

Cassie Moon from Farm Genevieve has just done some hand-painted yarn to add to her hand-dyed hand spun yarn.  Oh -- there will be socks made from this!!  If only I could remember how to knit!!! (Flower planting season and all!)

Julie has done it again with some great stuff .......... and there is some great stuff coming! 

First, I can just imagine this watering can filled with sunflowers. Now I rarely grow sunflowers (corn fields and all ... farmers really never liked the sunflowers that self-seeded in their corn fields.) but for this container... I made an exception.  Three or four different sunflowers are planted and will be available for cutting approximately mid-August.

Julie also added to the sock toys.... oh, they are cute!  We have puppies and kittens, turtles and birds ............

and frogs!!!  We have frogs!!!!!  (Kind of like my very dirty pond at the moment.  It will get cleaned when the tadpoles are grown!)

And Sherry has been busy ..... she has sewn so much lately!  And as always, they are lovely.  Her fabric selection is impeccable.  Bright .. fun .... coordinating ... and lovely.  She has done tons of washable, reusable sandwich bags.  These fabric sandwich bags are the perfect green way to pack a lunch.  Here are five of my favorites fabrics and look how they blend together!

Its one thing to pack a "green" lunch but at Miss Eff's .... we do it with style!

Sherry also got some great pictures of our new kitten Lulu! (Yes ... the name stuck!) so check out her blog.

And finally ..... I've been talking about these......... Nancy's Cutie Pies!!!!  Adorable infant to 12 month hats ... packaged in a pie tin and pie box.  How cute are these?!?!

I'm thinkin' baby shower gift!

OK -- I guess I had more to say than I thought!! Miss Eff's may be kind of quiet for the next week or so.  We have a special event coming up and lots of work to do.  So bear with me .... for up-to-the-minute news, follow Miss Effie's on Facebook.

I will tell you ... the lilies are beginning to bloom.  Not a lot of other things are ready yet but I don't want you to miss the lilies.  We should have a good selection of lilies by Saturday and of course, we are open from 8 to 3.

Hope to see you soon!


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