Now .......... where am I???

The last couple of weeks have been busy!  Like bee-type busy.  There are moments that I don't know whether I am coming or going.

Last year, we had the pleasure of meeting Angela and Harry.  Angela and Harry were looking for a venue for their wedding.  They googled "Iowa flower farm" and guess who showed up???

We talked .... we showed ... we displayed what we have.  We have warts.  We are not a botanical park.  It is a farm ... runamuck!  Sometimes... you don't get the crops you want.  I want snapdragons (which are in bud .. finally!!!)  I'm getting a fine stand of fox tail grass.  (Not high on the cut flower scale!)

And despite all the things we are not ............. Harry and Angela wanted to have their wedding here.

We have had one wedding here.  Ours.  So much for all the experience. 

But how could I turn down a girl that wanted to get married in a vintage prom dress???  Nope .  Not me.  I am not turning down that wedding!!!!  Dream wedding ... yea, I'm going to be there!

So we cleaned ... we weeded... we primped... we fluffed. 

And we prayed that the rain would stay away.  Which it didn't.  But it wasn't a torrential rain.  Just that annoying mist- mist- mist-sprinkle-sprinkle- sprinkle.

Angela and her dad

But it was beautiful. 

Yea ........... You don't turn a woman like this down!

So .......... is Miss Eff's available for wedding now?  I don't know.  It would take the perfect bride and the perfect groom for me to do weddings on a regular basis.

It is a lot of work.  It is a lot of stress. 

But I had the perfect bride and the perfect groom and the perfect guest list for this one!  It was an absolute joy to help with their wedding plans.  Now -- I want to run out and buy more vintage china and tablecloths.  (Yea ... you knew I would)

To Angela and Harry ..... We wish for you much love and happiness for many many years to come.  You two are wonderful!!!!

With love.........

Miss Eff


Farm-Raised said…
How beautiful!!! Oh my goodness. I bet it was lovely and wonderful and so much fun!!!
Zan Asha said…
Cathy, I LOVE THIS!! What a great day and...

I SAY: DO IT! I think Miss Eff's is actually THE PLACE to have weddings! I thought that when I first went there, so...

I know it's a lot of work; if you ever need a coordinator, I know of one who is great, long as you don't mind dread-headed hair :D

Seriously, though, I think you should do weddings at the farm; imagine getting married amongst flowers and old-fashioned beauty? Heck, if you were closer, me and Mr. Wess would get married there!!!
Sherry said…
I love it! What a great creative idea and the pics are so beautiful.

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