Trying to put the pieces together..............

Today is June 9th. 

Every year, the farm opens to flower picking approximately on June 15th.  And every year, I try to push and pull it forward. I want it earlier and earlier.

And every year, God pushes it right back to June 15th.  And that is where I am at.

The flowers are coming .... they will get here when they are suppose to.  And  not before.  Regardless of how much I try, cry or bribe.

Flea market bench before

So to keep myself from crying ... and looking at the workload and seeing how much there is to do........ I'm showing some pretty pictures.  Yea.... these corners are around the garden.... you may have to look to find them.  Progress is being made..... I just don't see it. 

Flea market bench after

Besides, planting and weeding and building support systems and working on the Summer Kitchen and sewing and hauling mulch .... we have been trying to spruce things up a bit.  Make things a little brighter.

lath house bench before
Yea ... I do need to be hauling mulch.  But sometimes, the muscles can't move any more.  I can't look another weed in the face. 

lath house after

Sometimes I need to find a corner to fluff .... make a new pillow..... find a perfect throw.

the throw ... courtesy of Goodwill

Sometimes Honey needs to create..............

New old fire pit
And sometimes .... we need to look at something cute.

Meet ......... ?

Yea ......... she doesn't have a name yet.  She fat, adorable and very very sweet.  And holding her, makes a hard days work worth it!


Wonderful touches of color Cath. I remember the day I delivered your sign you said "that bench would look great in yellow" looks lovely! And that kitty....we will be out to see it soon!!
fullfreezer said…
You're a stronger woman than I. I broke down and cried last night- feeling overwhelmed. It is all looking beautiful!!
I asbolutely LOVE that fire pit! WOW. Such a great idea.

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