You talk to much!

When I was growing up, I was always told that I talked too much.

Yea .... I might have been a bit of a Chatty Cathy.  OK! Make that a big bit of a Chatty Cathy!!!  :)

But now ... it's paying off!  Well ... not paying off like in money.  But people are willing to let me talk.  And trust me, that in itself is a big deal!!  Yea .... take that, high-school-history-teacher that told me to be quiet all the time!!!!!!!

So on Sunday ... at 4:30 pm Central Daylight Savings Time ......... I'll be talking to my friend Zan Asha!  (Hopefully, we will get a discussion in about the house and acreage for sale across the road. We got to get that gal to move to Iowa!)

Here's what Zan has to say about Sunday's discussion and what we will be yakking about.  You will want to listen carefully!  Our conversations turn on a dime!  And we don't use turn signals!

THIS COMING SUNDAY, June 12th, we interview farm-woman extraordinaire Cathy Linker Lafrenz of Miss Effie’s Country Flowers and Garden Stuff.

Owner of the first U-Pick Flower Farm in Iowa, she transformed her love of farming to a well respected business that showcases world class flowers, organic eggs, farm speaking, and classes in sustainability.

She is an outspoken advocate of other small farmers, and traditional farming, as well as a supporter of women's businesses. If you are interested in flower farming, successful small farm businesses, cooking, and more, Cathy is the ticket! She’s got great advice and farm-tastic tips on many of these things, and she’s a hoot, to boot!

 Don't miss this show!
This will be a fun interview.  And Zan used the word hoot.  I like that in a person!


Christine said…
There is a house and acreage across the road and you didn't tell me about it? Geez, I'm offended. ;-)

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