The draw of a barn quilt.................

A little over two years ago, I decided that I wanted something on the peak of our barn.

Did I want a rusty red star?  Did I want a Pennsylvania Dutch Hex sign?

Goose tracks

No -- I decided that I wanted a barn quilt.  And wow! the experiences and opportunities that opened up for me because of that decision.

First of all, I have a quirky set of requirements for my barn quilts.  The name of the quilt must have something to do with flowers or poultry.  And the colors are within my very narrow set of color choices for the farm..... light yellow, sage green and barn red.  All sorts of different tints are used ... but basically three colors and some neutrals.

Carolina Lily

Some sit square.  This one sits on point.  It is the only one that will sit on point!!!!  OK -- maybe other patterns would have been easier.  There were a lot of nasty words said ...... Fortunately, Miss Eff was not in the room or she would have washed my mouth out with a wonderful locally made soap!!!!!!  And it would have been a waste of good soap... cuz I think I kept cussing!

Dogtooth Violet

I have been surprised by the number of people that have stopped by to see the barn quilts.  It amazes me.

I know we have been in some articles and on a barn quilt site.  But to have people drive from all over the countryside to see the barn quilts never ceases to amaze me.  And I enjoy having them ... pop in ... take pictures ... walk through the gardens.

But now .... barn quilts are becoming more and more popular in the area.  They are popping up every where.

And ya know me.  I do not follow trends!  I hate trends!  I don't want to be like everyone else!  I want to be different.

So now ... I got this side of the Summer Kitchen that was prepped and ready for a barn quilt..... and I have changed my mind.

Time to put my thinking cap on..................


Zan Asha said…
I know you will come up with some amazing ideas for The Summer Kitchen! In the meantime, you know I love the barn quilts!!!
Carol said…
I found out this spring that the quilt painting on barns marked the underground railroad during Civil War times. Interesting history.
Roberta Palm said…
We have not been able to get out there to your farm since we particpated in your cheese workshop. You seem like a person that would not ever care about trends!
melanie said…
How big are your quilts? I've seen instructions for 8'x8', but yours appear to be closer to 4'x4'. They are very nice, even if they are the "latest trend"...
Nancy Mackel said…
Cathy, I'm thinking about doing this on my fence in my back yard. It's a redwood fence and kind of bare, so a couple of these would be cool. How big are yours? Are they 4x4? Do you mind if I copy??

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