I have a dream......................

Yea ... we all have dreams. 

But I think this could be a good one.

I want to buy this house.

Yea ... I know.  I have one old house.  And I wouldn't live in this old house.

This house started its life as a school house.  It is on a 1905 township plat map that I own.  So it is well over 110 years old.  It is approximately 1/2 mile from home.  Straight catty-corner across the corn field from us.  I can see every thing that happens there..... and vice versa.

The yard is filled with ox-eyed daisies.  They make me smile. I could see add wild flower mix after wild flower mix.

Or an edible landscape.  Paths of grass ........ but little maintenance.

But  the key thing .......... is the house.

I would take the house and convert the kitchen instantly into a community commercial kitchen.  I could teach classes in it.  We could rent it out so other women could start their own businesses.

The living room could be a perfect meeting place for bridge clubs, social groups and youth organizations.

And the four bedrooms upstairs could be rented out as a guest house.  A guest house stocked with local meats, cheeses and veggies so they could cook their own meals.

And the best part. 

Its for sale. 

And its been for sale. 

For two years.

Good roof, sided, new septic.  Needs decorating ........ I can see past that.

Unfortunately, I can't see past the money thing.  And Honey .... well, Honey thinks that retirement prior to the age of 85 would be nice!  (Silly Honey!!!!!)

Yep.  It is a great idea and a wonderful dream.  sigh

So until I run into my fairy godmother (and how would I know her???  I have never met her!  But I did find the perfect Honey for me!!!!!  Oh, Jill....................................) or win the lottery, my second old house has got to wait.

I will continue to dream and believe that dreams can come true. 

After all, I did meet Honey!


Sherry said…
Love it! My parents lived in an old school house for years on their farm before they built their house. Is it on realtor.com?
Kelly Bartels said…
That is one of the most awesome dreams I've ever heard. There are grants available to women that want to start a business or expand. Have you thought of looking into one of those?
Just a thought......
fullfreezer said…
Or you find others to share the dream... have a cooperative effort. It's an idea.
Zan Asha said…
Dang woman, remind me how much this thing is?? I love your little dream....Thinking..thinking...

I think you need to hold a serious fund-raiser or something!! But I have to figure out the details!
WildOmanMom said…
So here is how to get the other dreamers involved - go to kickstarter.com!!!! Then let everyone you know about your project, and before you know it you're planting and painting! I heard about Kickstarter from a woman we rented a cabin from (for a microbrewery in Copper Harbor, MI. I'm sure she emailed everyone on her account and all her business records. We can do this!!! I'll even come down to plant - and paint.
Anonymous said…
What a lovely dream/ thought/ ambition ... if I lived close to there, I would try and help make it happen! I think you must be the kind of person I would love to have as a neighbor!

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