OK -- Ya know that I love me a flea market!!!! 

There is nothing better than to wake up super early ... drive an hour .... guzzle coffee and drool over some fantastic finds!  Yep ... its what I consider livin' good!

So we took off to Mt. Vernon Iowa to the July 4th Antique Spectacular!  First of all, I love this little town.  Wonderful old homes... porch swings, wicker furniture.... lots of charm.  There is a great coffee shop named Fuel and a wonderful cafe named Skillet.  There is the Lincoln Cafe ... and a yarn shop named after her cats!!!!!!

OK -- I told the owners of this booth that it was dangerous.

I wanted this rug repair kit.  Look at all the wonderful colors!  I could just touch and coo and caress the wool and look at all the pretty colors.  Yummmmmmmmmmmmm.

I walked away from it!  Of course, I walked away with this basket!

I love hand made rugs.  But a wool braided or hooked rug would not survive being in front of the shower. This is was made by a 1970's polyester fester!  Seriously.... I thought we destroyed all these ugly fabrics ... so they may never surface again.  Some how ......... Some where........ this one survived.

And I love it!!!!

It looks awesome in my bath!! (forgive the lack of permanent flooring... I can't decide what I want.  Yes.. I know its been four years.  Maybe five.  I'll come up with something ....... sometime!)

This is Barb's booth.  Barb owns Cross Creek Antiques in Fairfax.  She has always been one of my style icons!  I've been drooling over her stuff for years!

See that white crown like stuff in the back ... Victorian garden fencing.  And the Victorian wire plant stand in front!  Be still my beating heart!

So I came home with ................... this!  Another darning egg.... Don't you love the end of the handle??  Chewed and chewed.  I've been collecting darning eggs for over 30 years.  I love it when I find something just a little different than what I already have!

Honey and I were falling in love ......... with tables.  OMG!!  Table after table after table!

I wanted this table for my office.  Original mustard yellow paint on the legs.  AWESOME!  Drawer in front.  I told Honey I would keep this table top cleaned.  He didn't believe me.

Hell!  I couldn't even say it with a straight face!!!

Then there was this very simple table. The top was made out of one solid piece of old-growth pine.  Double drool!

Oh ... and this one!  All in the same booth!  The pain of it all!

I bought a new piece of McCoy pottery.  Great vase.  Some Mcpops.... but no chips or cracks.  And it is in that all important color ... aqua.

So do I put it here ........

Or here????

Well -- I do know where to put this!!!! 

Lots of grungy paint!  There is more paint on this bench than there is on my house!!  There are a couple of layers of red, one yellow and who knows how many coats of white paint!  And I love it!!

But this is the style of bench I want for the farm!  Now to find many many more!!!!!

The hunt begins!!


Zan Asha said…
Dang woman! They cannot let you loose with the antiques around...I say that but then in the next breath I say---I may be slightly envious!! :) WOW! I LOVE THEM ALL!!

I actually was thinking--I NEED a darning egg the other day...I have a whole buncha socks with holes, so why throw them away? Not that I NEED an egg to sew them, but it couldn't hurt? RIGHT??! :)

Love your finds!
Ahh I love the McCoy! Ive been collecting and can't get enough of them. And I'm loving the harvest looking table,Drool!! What a fun place!
simplyiowa said…
Thanks for Stoppin' by!!!! The Darning Egg Found the Most Wonderful Home!
I Thought The Show Was AMAZING!!!!I, Too...almost bought that wonderful kit....what were we thinking?????Letting it Go!!!! Dang!
Thanks Again!
Barb C.

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