The streets to heaven are paved with gold..........

I love this very time of year.

Yea ... I love the sunshine.  I love the heat.  I love the veggies from the garden and the flowers from field.

But most of all ......... I love this.

Oh -- you think I mean my gravel road?  No.

My pretty golden orange ditches.

Ditch lilies.  Simple orange daylilies that put on their 24-hour show, leaving tomorrow for the many buds on the stalks.  For roughly two weeks, the ditch lilies welcome guests to my farm.  Cheerfully nodding their blossoms in the breeze.

Just over the hill .... in the grove of trees.... lies Miss Effie's and her attempt at manicured beds of flowers.

No matter how much I plan or plant or how long I garden ............ I will never do it better than this!

It is the season of garden walks and tours.  This, designed by God, is one of the best!

Don't miss it.


Beautiful! We used to live in New Liberty IA , And I sure do miss all the pretty ditch flowers and Lilly's that Iowa has. We just don't have them as much here in Illinois.
myomyohi said…
I too love ditch lilies, and have transplanted a few to my garden years ago.
Ginny said…
I love day lilies, now I will call them ditch lilies. Have some growing around our telephone poles!
I too, love the "ditch lilies" I often wonder what pioneer woman brought this wonderful plant to Iowa! Glad to find a fellow Iowan!

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