This is all my fault..................

It is 8:30 pm and it is still 90 degrees outside. 

It is 8:30 pm and it is 93 degrees inside.

Yes ... you can blame me.  I've got broad shoulders.  This is all my fault. The midsection of the country is baking with 90+ degree temperatures and heat indexes over 110 degrees.  And I did it.

I bought 30 pounds of apricots to can.

Seriously .... do you think I would possibly can when it was 60 degrees outside?

Oh no ..... that would be much too comfortable!

Canning needs steam.  And boy, did I have it!!!!

Twenty six jars of jam today .... I'm no BGF Jill but not bad for a Sunday afternoon! 

(Truth in canning .......we did take the much needed weekly ice cream break!  I lost the time it takes to make a batch ... but I did gain a new wicker settee and a new garden set that we found at an antique shop!  Its the balance in life that counts!)

So ... when you are cussing the fact that you are sticking to your Corinthian leather interior of your car .... blame me.

After all .... it is no fun to can if you aren't nearly naked!


Oh I'm so glad to read that this is not my fault. You see, I just bought a bushel of peaches.
Karen Patrick said…
Here I thought it was my fault since I too bought a bushel of peaches. I usually do the blanching outdoors on the burner on our grill to keep the house somewhat cooler and do the waterbath outside as well but it's too darn hot to do that outdoors. The A/C will be running non-stop. I think I'll freeze them instead, with maybe one batch of preserves.

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