August. Already.


It is August???

Can I get a do-over for the summer?

There was soooo much that I wanted to get done this summer.  Yes, the list was a tad over-ambitious but it was do-able.

Ok -- it was do-able if it rained only 1/2" at a time... only overnight ... and no temperatures over .... say 85-87.  With 30 percent humidity.

And if I only slept 8 hours every 3 days!

So here is a bit ... a tiny bit of the list that will never get done this summer.

I wanted to order storm windows for the bay window.  Needs them ... badly.  Not happening.

We wanted the deck on the back of the Summer Kitchen.  Not this summer!

I wanted to spin and spin and spin.  Unfortunately, my wheel has sat still for so long, it might have rusted in place.  I'm hearing the Tin Man say "Oil can!"

Likewise, I wanted to knit.  And now .. my hands are such that they may not ruin the yarn as I toss it over the needles.  But 90 degree plus temps with no air conditioning .... I'm not inspired to work with wool!!!

(I do have vivid memories of sewing wool suits and knitting wool sweaters in July and then standing for 4-H competition for 2 hours solid, totally attired in Pendleton wool and hand-knit wool sweaters! In an un-air conditioned Aledo high school entry hall. The 1970 Dress Revue competition still brings nightmares to all that were there! They were dropping like flies that day!)

My canning list is woefully incomplete.

The new roof on the barn is a pipe dream.

And there are two gardens that have yet to be touched.  Not looked at ... not weeded .... not mulched.

I wanted to paint the chicken coop and stain the lath house.  I wanted a new barn quilt on the Summer Kitchen and a new hour sign in the lane.

And the two antique porch posts that are going in the Summer Kitchen ... have not been stripped, sanded and painted.

I wanted ... I wanted .... I wanted.

But I lived.

I hugged my customers and laughed with my friends.  I learned that a little bouquet of flowers will make me as happy as a big bouquet. 

I ate in the corn-zebo and dreamed by the fire pit.

Summer goes much too quickly for those that farm.  I have heard people complain about the heat.  Yea ... even me.

But come January .... when the snow is blowing (un-blocked!) through my old windows... I will wish I spent more time basking in the heat and the humidity of an Iowa August.

Like loyal Cub fans say .......... Just wait till next year.


Hi there Miss Effie, I have to say "ditto" to all you said about summer. So glad to hear we are not the only eejits out there with out AC in our farmhouse.

Thanks again for checking out my blog, I promise to stalk you as well and if not cool...then lukewarm
Kelly Bartels said…
A wonderful post.........and I for one, am glad you took time to enjoy all that matters. We sometimes lose sight of that.

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