We have started a new tradition at Miss Eff's.

Well,  we are trying to.  Kind of need your help.  Well, we really need your help.

We need you to eat pie!

Yep!  We think Thursday should be Pie-a-poolza Day!  So to celebrate Thursdays  (cuz its almost Friday!) my fabulous summer intern, Sonya is baking pies!

And this Thursday ... its peach streusel pie.

Yea.  Butter crust.  Organic flour.  Fresh, juicy peaches.  None of this open-a-can filling!!!!  This is the good stuff!!!  With brown sugar crumb topping!!!  Oh ........... yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I'll have what she's having!!!!)

A 9" pie is $12.00.  A six-inch personal pie is $5.

Send me an order and I will make sure your pie has your name on it!

See you on Thursday!


Anonymous said…
I have wonderful memories of a one crust "Cream Peach Pie" that I had in Kalona Iowa years ago. Would love to have the receipe for that one. I've tried, and though I get great flavor in the filling, I haven't been able to perfect getting the filling to "set up" so you don't have to use a spoon. (I'm orginally from Iowa City.)
Susie Andrews said…
I always cook my filling first to make sure it is the correct consistency and then put it in the shell. Hope this helps.
Beth said…
I would like two. Perfect gift for friends I have not seen in awhile. Let me know if this works and I will see you on Thursday!

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