I am sorry for the lack of posts lately.  Words have been hard to come by. 

Yea ... I still talk a lot.  But it has been an extremely busy summer with so many things going right and so many things going awry. 

The heat has been harder on me and the garden this year but both of us are tough. OK.  The weeds are tough.  And I can muddle through the heat with 3 ceiling fans, 5 window fans and an ice cold beer.

Or two.

But everyone is loving this cool refreshing air!   And we even got rain.  (Can I hear a collective sigh of relief from the zinnia crowd???)

Yea ... I'm happy.

The vegetable garden has been slow.  Canning and preserving has been slower. We did start working on Missouri peaches.  Ya know Honey needs his peaches!!!  But the tomatoes are slowly ripening.  A BLT here ... a salad there.  But not the quantity for canning.

The chickens are still laying nicely.  The 25 pullets I got early in the spring are laying well.  And the 25 chicks that arrived early in April are beautiful and growing.  They should start laying in the next 6 to 8 weeks.

We have baby ducks arriving in September.  Beautiful Blue Swedish ducklings!  We will have wonderful entertainment this fall with the antics of the ducklings!!

Honey and I decided to take more of our food options into our own hands.  We have decided to raise some broilers this winter for butchering. I hesitate to do it.  (Ya know I won't be butchering them myself!)  But I know its time to take this step. 

I have booked more and more classes through Scott Community College this year.  Although I won't be starting until October and only slightly then .... the winter schedule is coming along and should be announced in a month or two.

There are two classes that I am really excited about .... one is Without a box ... cakes you can make in minutes.  Definitely a beginners bakers class.  If you have never baked a cake without a mix -- this is for you. We will compare prices and really show how simple it is.

The next class that I am thrilled to be teaching is All about Angel Food.  We will be baking Angel Food cakes and show the simplicity and elegance of a homemade angel food cake. Included will be variations and frosting options.

Yea .... I like teaching. :)

We will be keeping the Summer Kitchen open all winter for your shopping convenience!  It looks like more baked goods will be arriving for Thursday pick-ups. Pies, breads and cookies will be regularly available by sign-up through our Facebook page.  I'm still working out the hours but I will let you know as soon I as decide.

OK --- I know it was a boring dull post.  But ya got one! 

And some days are just like that!


Zan Asha said…
Wow, you are BUSY! And I love everything you are doing! Ooooh ducklings :)
Sonita Oldfield-Carlson said…
Goodness! I hear ya about the heat. I was beginning to think it was time to re-think my garden dream, but I am inspired by your tenacity, Cathy! As I sit with my hands in icepacks at night (those weeds R tough this year!), I've been thinking of all of you I know who are deeply committed to growing, teaching, and feeding our needs for food and beauty. You are fabulously marvelously wonderful! Sending a hug...
corinne said…
Nothing with you is EVER dull ;)
Kelly Bartels said…
I could say the same about you Corinne. :)
So glad you got a shot of rain, we got a long shot of it on our freshly cut 3rd crop hay! darn it.

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