Coming to a Toys R Us near you!

I think I have found it!

The perfect gift for the little farmgirl princess in your life.

Yes ... if you feel you need to entitle your urban homesteading daughter anymore with the perfect farmgirl accessory .... I have it for you!

I am certain your daughter already has the Snow White Bib Overall ensemble complete with the poison apple cider press.  And I know she has the Sleeping Beauty crown emblazoned with the John Deere logo!  And she has cried and cried over the Cinderella glass muck boots ...... perfect for the wet fall weather in the hog lots!

But does she have this??????

Yes ... it is the Barbie Porta-Pottie for your princess.

Unfortunately, this picture was taken before we bought the rest of the accessories!!  Yes ... the pink floral wreath was not on the door.  Nor was the straw hat hanging on the chair.  It was missing its mandatory wrapped pink Starlight mints and its floral paper hand towels.  An unnecessary accessory (but charming) was the antique pink and yellow quilt hanging over the fence.

When it comes to a Barbie Porta-Pottie, it is all about the accessories!!!

Only at Miss Eff's for the North Scott Farm Crawl.

And maybe the county jail ... cuz once Mattel gets ahold of this blog post .... I am sooooooooo screwed!!!!


Kelly Bartels said…
Genius.....simply brilliant. I love the extra touches that make that pink potty really pop.
Still laughing.
I'm so tired of men always getting to go outside. MY TURN !

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