Four .... Three....... Two........

OK -- I feel like an astronaut on a space ship.

Every day .. I go through the list.  I cross a few things off.  I answer a billion phone calls.  I try to figure out what to cook for supper.  I fall a little farther behind with the laundry and the house cleaning.  And I question my doctor's decision to eliminate Prozac and Valium from my diet!!!

Thank God for massive amounts of caffeine from coffee!

Yes ... the countdown has begun for the North Scott Farm Crawl.

This sounded like such a brilliant, simple idea in January! 

But we are getting ready!  We have mowed and weeded and decorated. So I think I am ready for the super awesome vendors that are coming!

Yes. Yes. Yes.  There would be no party at Miss Eff's without the fabulous, funny, talented Sheepie Neighbor!  Or her nut rolls.  Or her shortbread cookies.  Or her yarn.

And you should vote for her truck's name.  Harrison.  Harrison is the best name ever for a Ford truck.  Cuz Harrison Ford was voted sexiest man alive.... and we all want to ride ........

TMI! TMI! I can not share my fantasies!!!!  But I digress..................................

I can drool over the wonderfully cuddly yarn from Cassie Moon!  She is as funny as Sheepie Neighbor.  They keep the witty banter going at the Freight House Farmers Market on Saturday.  But she doesn't have a truck with a human name.  Now that I said that .... I'm not sure.  Cassie could have a truck named Oscar or Philippe or Nels.

Then there is the oh-so crazy Tamara!  Tamara and I grew up in the same little town.  We drank from the same water.  Oh yea ....... there will be two of us!!!! Listen for the laughter.... if it is loud and cackling... it could be either on of us!!!!  And don't give us a hard time cuz we don't take no crap messy chicken coops.  If you catch my drift!  Tamara will be bringing lots of cute little goats .... and maybe some fudge!

We have 5 baby ducks ... two with very big head because they were on WQAD this morning. You can see them by searching for the video for North Scott Farm Crawl.  Our chicks should arrive tomorrow.  That's alot of balls of fluff to hold and cuddle. (Do you get the idea that I like balls of fluffy stuff?)

The Summer Kitchen will be stocked with all sorts of goodies.  Our good friend Amanda from Self-Reliant 101 is stocking up the Summer Kitchen with her laundry soap, dryer balls and the oh-so luxurious lotion that is 82% goat milk.  If you have not tried My Mommy's Creation laundry soap ... Do. It.  Now.  Save yourself a lot of money!!!! Nine cents a load versus twenty cents a load from that major laundry soap manufacturer that ebbs and flows with the tide.  (I won't get in trouble for that, will I????)

And finally, our friends at Slow Food Quad Cities are selling artisan lemonades. Stop at their table and pick up a  glass of farm fresh flavor.

I will be doing tours.... Honey will be handling the valet service.  Dear friend and talented artist, Julie will be working in the Summer Kitchen for your shopping pleasure!

I'll pop in again this week with more news.  But stop by Sunday 9/11/2011 and enjoy a beautiful day in the country.  Four farms .... four farmers.... Free admission for a great day! 

The North Scott Farm Crawl's map can be found at the top of this page.  We will be open from 11-4.

Hope to see you.


Christine said…
Wishin' there weren't so many states between us. Sounds like my kind of fun.
Zan Asha said…
I REALLY needed to book the ticket waaaay earlier so I could be there for this!!

I wish you lots of luck and love, YOU will be able to do this, and of course I'll spread the word!

And yes, we ALL think Harrison Ford is DREAMY! :)


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