I dunno..............

Life has been an absolute whirlwind.

The ever fabulous Zan Asha has been staying with us.  We have been cooking, cleaning (I love this girl!), running, meeting, laughing and she has been teaching classes everywhere.

I met the wonderful, hilarious Donna O'Shaughnessy and I wished she lived closer. Like across the road.

I visited Amanda and Jason and their adorable daughters and was inspired by Amanda, her farm and their life.

So you would think I could come up with some scintillating blog post. You would think that. All that is going on ... and the words won't come.  Not one bit.

For today ............ I got nothin'!


myomyohi said…
It's ok to "have nothin" some days.
fullfreezer said…
I am SO, SO, SO sad that I couldn't make it to the bee keeping classes with Zan. I just couldn't justify 4 hours on the road. boo hoo.

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