The marathon continues......

There are soooo many exciting things happening at Miss Eff's, I can barely contain myself!!

For those of you that think I should be on the downhill slide of my life.... think again!  My life is getting to be more fun, more adventuresome, more active every day!

I am going in order ........

First of all, my sista in farming, the fabulous Zan Asha is coming back to Iowa.  Actually, I think she might have arrived by now.  She is in central Iowa until Monday and then, she is making the trek to little ol' Donahue to stay with Miss Eff and Honey.

The girl is going to be busy!!!  On Thursday, 9/22 she will be teaching an Indian class to Slow Foods Quad Cities.  

On Saturday 9/24, Zan will head to Geneseo to the Wilson farm to teach two classes on beekeeping.  There is still space for you ... so if you are concerned about over-wintering your bees or want to be prepared to get bees established next spring (like we hope to do!) .... these are the classes for you. 

And if you think I am energetic .... my sista Zan is over-the-top fun!!!  Go to this site and sign up, there is still time.  And ya know you want to hang with the hip kids.

Then, Zan is taking over my kitchen for a Middle Eastern Cooking class.  I'd tell you more about it but it is full....full... full!!!

(I'll tell you more about it later when I am full!!!!  Cruel, aren't I?)

OK -- that's Zan's adventure into Iowa. 

And in the midst of all of that .... Miss Eff's is hosting the Farmers table dinner.  I'm excited and thrilled and tad bit worried about the weather!!!  Cuz ya know ... we are hosting this in the corn-zebo!!  However, just looking at the weather report, we are to be back up into the 80's!  Perfect!!! There will be awesome food..... vintage table clothes, chippy china, unmatched silver.... it will be wonderful!!!! There will be a fire in the fire pit to warm us ... it will be perfect!  Oh -- the food.  The food is UNBELIEVABLY. GOOD.

And finally .... what I am most excited about.  (Seriously........ I am bouncing off the walls with this one!!) I have been asked to teach a few cooking classes to benefit the building of a new Clarence library. 

Now I love Clarence.  Clarence is a charming little Iowa town with really great people.  Clarence is what all small towns should be so I love supporting events that keep small towns lively and educated.

I also love teaching classes in warm intimate settings and this will be the absolute best!!!!

Yes ... I am teaching classes at Jen's house.  In this beautiful, wonderful, dreamlike kitchen! 

As a former kitchen designer ... I am in love.  IN. LOVE.  (I have a kitchen that is "Do what I say.  Not what I do!")

The first class is the Artisan Bread class ..... yea, if you have 5 minutes you can create awesome breads daily.

Now I realize you can go out, buy the book and do this on your own.  And I hope you will buy their books because they are worth every dime.

But so is this is fun, educational and really really tasty!  We will have the basic boule, rolls, sandwich loaf, cinnamon or caramel sticky rolls, pita breads and more.  All out of the same dough. 

So sign up .... help build a new library ... and snack on really great bread.  Really great.  You will love it.

More exciting things are coming in the weeks ahead.  I will let you know.  In the meantime, I keep on running!
(Don't take that literally.... the physical aspect of running... ain't happening here!)


Soon we will meet MIss Zan as hubbie is taking the class, I feel so thrilled to be in your neck of the woods you fun lady you ! If you see an odd white inspector Clouseau vehicle (Ford Transit Connect)going by your farm and crazed chick waving hello twill be I. Love your blog!
Yeah the bee keeping class thats the one,

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